Monday, September 3, 2012

Well hello, spring!

September 1st marked the first day of spring here in Aussie Land!  Thankfully, we caught a glimpse of the warmer weather this weekend. We took full advantage of our free time in the city before we head out of the country on Saturday.  Our lovely next door neighbors, who we met briefly as we were moving in, met us for dinner one night and drinks at home.  It sure is nice to have them close by!  

Trying to finish up the Hunger Games series (bandwagoner, I know) at Hyde Park on Friday afternoon. 
My view of St. Marys cathedral from a park bench. 

Friday's thought for food was shrimp (or prawn if you're Aussie) fried rice.  I learned the process of deshelling and deveining fresh shrimp!  Super delish.

Saturday was spent in the trendy neighborhood of Surry Hills with friends. Great day for exploring!
First stop, Bills for brunch!  A Sydney staple.
After venturing through the eclectic "market" (aka junk garage sale) and side shops, we treated ourselves to cupcakes!
Lavender and honey, black velvet, and cinnamon with apple just to name a few.

Then, on to the gourmet cheese shop called Formaggi Ocello.  We picked out a few of our favorites to share...
...and then we had them over later that evening (our first guests!) to enjoy our selections.  See our spread in the bottom left pic.  After that, we went to the movie theatre to see Bully…an eye opening documentary on bullying in U.S. schools.  I am so glad that my school days are past me, but pretty concerning for future generations.  

Sunday was a day of rest.  
Sleeping in and a picnic by the park.  Later in the evening, we went over to another friends house to watch the Arsenal vs Liverpool football (soccer) game!  We have enjoyed getting exposed to other sports and learning about the game. Who knew there was more beyond college football and the NBA?! 

The closest rainbow I have ever seen…literally, right off our balcony and dipped into the water!! So beautiful and only lasted a few minutes.  Good thing I looked out the window to catch this magnificent sight.

Looking forward to what this next week will bring…


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