Friday, September 14, 2012

Travelog: Singapore - Singapore Snapshot

Our time in Singapore has come to an end.  Per usual, we are wasting time at the airport waiting to board the hour and a half flight to Phuket…over two hours early!!!  That would be my OCD husbands doing.  Currently, he has left me with the bags and is pacing the airport trying to find out if our flight is indeed delayed another fifty minutes like the screen shows.  Gotta love him!

Our adventures in a snapshot…
 Public transport is no fun with two huge suitcases..we learned our lesson.
Lucked out with extra leg room…economy class perks hehe.
Chinatown madness!
Everything from dried mushrooms to shoe repair to fish spas all in one place! Appetizing?!

Have you ever seen this?! Our friends in Sydney told us that we should try this foot fish spa thing where you dip your feet in a tank and the "doctor fish" nibble and feed off of the dead skin... and needless to say we were skeptical.  Can you tell that I was a little a lot freaked out?!  Such a weird feeling!  After doing more research, looks like these "spas"can be dangerous and 14 states in U.S. have banned them.  Glad we didn't find out until afterwards!  O well, it was quite an experience and had R and I laughing hysterically.
 The colorful Clarke Quay along Singapore River.
 Jurong bird park.  
Best penguin exhibit I have ever seen. We caught them right at feeding time, which was fun to see.  
 Wouldn't be complete without some bridge pics..
The world famous Raffles Hotel. 
Lavish grounds and home to the Long Bar, where the Singapore Sling was invented.  Of course, we had to test out this sweet concoction. Also, stories suggest that this was the place where the sole surviving wild tiger in SG was shot and made extinct.
Little India.  
Patterns, fabrics, scents, and spices.  We toured a Hindu temple, Sri Veeramakaliamman, as well. 
Arab street Market.
Walked away with a handmade rug.  I proved myself as the ultimate bargainer on this is kinda fun that they underestimate little old me.  My parents taught me well as a young girl on the beaches of Mexico I guess lol.  R was impressed.  Once again, such a trooper.  Now, the rug is all folded up into the blue and pink package seen in the photo on right and R has to carry it along our journey.  Hey, it's worth saving a few $$ on shipping fees!
Sentosa Island.  
A small resort island only a quarter of a mile away from SG.  A place that R remembers visiting as a child.  Lots of attractions, resorts, and restaurants.  We enjoyed the luge ride, which took us up a gondola and then down on a part go-cart, part toboggan.  
 We spent a night on the island and enjoyed the pool, peacocks, and an authentic Hainanese chicken rice dish.  
 Sentosa even had a Universal Studios!  
It was fun to spend a day walking through New York, Egypt, Jurassic Park, and the land of Far Far Away.  
Night safari!
I wasn't able to take pictures along the trail, but you can imagine..
Such a unique way to see the nocturnal animals in open habitats.   

That about sums up our time here.  A great first introduction to Asia for me.  Looking forward to the next..


p.s. keep reading on to the newest post to explore our time in Phuket!

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  1. Wow! It looks like you guys have had an amazing time in Singapore! So happy for you! We did the Dr. Fish in Korea! It tickles, right! Love all the pics! Hope you guys made it safely and are enjoying Thailand so far!