Thursday, September 13, 2012

Travelog: Singapore - Double Date With Will and Kate

Ok, I lied.  The title really should be "Chasing Will and Kate like crazy paparazzi while they remain poised and classy not caring about the 'commoner folk' sweating like pigs on the side".  Not that they were rude, but due to the nature of the site, it was disrespectful to greet their fans (us) in a celebrity fashion.

Y'all, they were lovely.  You could just feel the excitement and royalty in the air!  Very hot and humid air I might add…and Kate can keep her hair so perfect while the rest of us look a hot mess.  R and I started our day very early to make the sighting happen…an hour train ride to Kranji War Memorial on the North side of the island to be exact.  As we were walking up, they were closing the gates to start the ceremony.  Naturally, we both looked at each other panicked and ran like obsessive crazy people just in time!  (We were the last ones in haha).  With our late arrival and all, we thought that there would be too many rows of people in front of us that we wouldn't stand a chance at a sighting.  Luckily, that wasn't the case.

We ended up with good spots behind a few rows of people, which gave us plenty of room to run back and forth as they made their way down the memorial.  At one point, only four rows of people between Kate and I.  R was amazing and such a trooper!!  With his tall viewpoint (even more so since we are in Asia) and competitive spirit, he made for the perfect picture taker!  Enjoy a few snapshots that he captured…
 First glimpses walking up the memorial.  See the crowd and our open territory.
 First face: "OMG, they are right behind us!"
Second face: "O hey, made it in the same frame as Kate (see her white umbrella in the distance)."
Third face: "What a whirlwind..sweaty and shaky."
Chatting with local dignitaries and then wandering the rows of graves as we intensely look on.
 My personal photographer! Towering above the other fans...
The Kranji Memorial situated on a hill overlooking the city.  
The wreath was laid by the royal couple on behalf of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

Such a great morning and one we will never forget!  Just had to share…more on Singapore tomorrow!


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  1. You guys! That's so exciting!! Love all the pics! And your outfit, Kels. Cute!