Saturday, September 29, 2012

Howdy y'all

It is good to set foot on Texas soil again.  I lucked out with an empty seat next to me on the plane ride home, which means everything on a fifteen hour flight.  Definitely getting a travel routine down for those long trips.  I still can't put into words all of my emotions about being back…it feels as if we never left, though I know we have missed so many little details in everyones lives that are too hard to explain (and vice versa).  And checking into a hotel a half mile away from your old apartment will take some getting used to.  Gathering my suitcases and seeing my sister standing there for the first time in three months gave me butterflies!  And there we were, back to our old goofy selves like nothing had changed.  
The life of a traveler…multiple currencies, passport stamps, and views from the window.  What a beautiful spring morning in Sydney on my way out!
What a special greeting…my favorite Ft. Worth cookies from my sister upon arrival, Tiff's treats warm cookies waiting for us in the hotel room from a  friend, and a precious koala picture colored by my sweet boys!
We didn't waste much time before diving into some margaritas and chips and queso over a dinner with loved ones.

Looking forward to the many things planned in the week ahead!  Meanwhile, back in Aussie Land, Teddy remains in quarantine.  The poor puppa only has ten days left…woohoo!!  The worst is behind us.  We will be picking him up on our anniversary, the day after we get back from Dallas.  We are beyond excited thinking about having him with us so very soon in a new place.  He is still getting the royal treatment with our dog walking and companion service visiting every other day.  We have gotten a kick out of the pictures they send after every visit.  It seems that with each day, he is enjoying himself a little bit more. 
Exhibit A:
The most pitiful and scared puppy I have ever seen.  So sad.  When we got this picture, I think you could say that we felt officially horrible for putting him through the move.
Can you tell that we are progressing?  It is nice to see Teddy running and being playful again.  

Maybe we aren't such terrible puppy parents after all?  Im sure he has forgotten about us by now..enjoying his concrete floor over the down comforter and open air breeze over the air conditioning.  I love when you can tell that dogs are actually smiling and happy in pictures.  They have feelings, ok?! 

All for now!

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