Thursday, August 30, 2012

Break The Silence

This past weekend, our family and friends participated in the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition 5K in Austin.  Our team, "Kathy's Krusaders", has participated for three years now in honor of my mother and to raise awareness in the community.  Such a great group of people coming together for a good cause! 
Ovarian cancer is often referred to as the "silent killer", as symptoms are few and generalized.  By the time symptoms become persistent, the cancer has usually progressed to late stages.  It is SO important to listen to your body!!  My mom always stressed this to us as she was very aware with her own body and took action as soon as she knew something "wasn't right".  Ovarian cancer cases diagnosed in earlier stages show survival rates of up to ninety percent while cases diagnosed in late stages show a thirty percent survival rate.  So, you can understand the importance of being in tune with yourself!  (Not to scare or make you paranoid like me hehe).   
Thought I would share a sheet with you that Dr. Oz promoted on his show in an effort to educate women on this topic…the worksheet is meant to bring to your doctor so that it may document possible ovarian cancer symptoms you may be experiencing. Just to get you thinking…
On a happier note…puppy pics!! Looks like they need to train longer for the next race.
Speaking of pups, look what we have here…Teddy had his final vet appointment in Dallas and was issued his health certificate to travel!  Big step.  

He leaves DFW in four days…makes a stop at LAX for one final check in with a certified vet..then gets locked up for the fifteen hour flight to AU.  For those of you feeling "bad" for the little guy, don't.  He will be flying in style..much better than our economy accommodations haha.  I just hope he isn't traumatized after all of this.  Once he gets to Sydney, our "relocator representative" will greet him and make sure he is taken care of in the quarantine, which is a thirty day stay.  With all that being said, October 8th cannot come fast enough…when we will finally be reunited!  Can't think of a better way to celebrate our two years of marriage.

What we have been up to this week…
Sorting, sorting, and more sorting.  Didn't realize how extensive my crazy sock collection from nursing was. No room for those anymore!  Trying to make the most of our limited storage space.  I think a run to IKEA this weekend is a must.
Dinner with new friends at Jamie Oliver's Italian! Truffle tagliatelle and wild ragu, yummy. Looking forward to more adventures with these two.
This week in the kitchen: grilled chicken and corn salad with avocado and parmesan AND lasagna soup!  

We are looking forward to being "home" this weekend before we head to Singapore and Thailand next weekend for our anniversary trip! Big shout-out and a happy birthday to my dear friend, LGR!!  We both realized yesterday that this will be the first celebration in six years that I won't be a part of  :( feeling sentimental thinking back to our freshman year of college.  Hope everyone is having a great week! 


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  1. We gave Teddy some love this past weekend while thinking all about your mama! Love the full moon tonight too! Have a great pre anniversary trip! I will never forget the wedding! "OH HAPPY DAY!" Miss you guys! Ross is really excited about seeing you guys!