Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Travelog: Singapore - Walk Down Memory Lane

Another dream of mine has been fulfilled….getting to see where my husband was raised through elementary school.  Singapore is the place that R moved to halfway through our kindergarten year with Ms. Smedley.  It wouldn't be until five years later that our worlds would re-collide in Texas..and well, the rest is history I guess.

We were warned that R might not recognize the city he grew up to love, as Singapore is ever changing and westernizing.  Wow, was that an understatement. High rises upon buildings upon shopping malls…being torn down for new.  Luckily, there were a few important places that he definitely remembered.

Lets take a walk down memory lane, shall we?!
 First place of residence, a high rise condo.  Equipped with guards, lush gardens, and pool area. 
 Lets not get started with the guards.  First, they thought we were weird for wanting to see the place..then, they wouldn't let us roam the property without an escort..and get ready, kicked us out when they realized I was snapping a few pics inside the courtyard!  They insisted I delete every picture I took on the property in front of her to witness.  Instead, (knowing how precious pictures are to me) I grabbed R and we briskly walked out!  Not gonna lie and say we didn't peek over our shoulders for the next half mile making sure no one was following us.  More on strict government laws later...
 The beloved Singapore American School where R attended K thru 4th grade.  The way school should be…a higher standard of excellence and pride in education.  Since security is so tight (see top left pic), we made sure to call ahead and warn the guards of our arrival.  After going through three security checkpoints, we were greeted by the alumni and admissions team as if we were celebrities!  It was a wonderful experience.  And the joy on R's face as we walked down the open air hallways with children in uniform passing by…through the cafeteria with the same chef, Mr. Ho, cooking up authentic dishes… and to the baseball fields where most of his fondest memories were spent.    
 Second place of residency, within walking distance from SAS.  Across the street, we braved our way through the hawker stalls (aka food court, but all authentic asian dishes).  The only thing we could find recognizable was chicken fried rice if that tells you anything.  Definitely a great (and cheap) experience!  
Final stop of the day, The American Club.  They have it all…from bowling to swimming to handball to gambling to nice restaurants.  R remembers going to the club every Friday night after school to swim and eat pizza while the moms "chatted" poolside.  He had to make sure the pizza was just as good still….I think the nostalgia won him over.  

The couple we are staying with for a few nights here were gracious enough to show us around the club, as it is strictly members only.  They are family friends from SAS and over the years R's mom has kept in touch with them.  We were sure lucky to have them around!  And they were such gracious hosts.  As they say, they are still on their two year international assignment….twenty years later!!  

A few days left in Singapore before we head to Thailand, so I will be sure to share more pictures of our adventures through Little India, Chinatown, etc.  Our dear friends, Will and Kate, are stopping by for a visit on their Jubilee tour today and tomorrow!!  I hope we can catch a glimpse of them in the gardens tomorrow.  Well, all for now!



  1. Great post. References to handball and gambling, Kels breaking the law, and no Teddy. Best post ever.

  2. That's awesome you two! So glad you guys got to go to all of those places!! An American Club, huh? That sounds awesome! Wish they had one of those here!