Friday, August 3, 2012

Paint By Numbers

Ok, well not numbers…I wish it were that easy!  I am actually in the process of painting our current living room, hallway, and master bedroom.  After spending a few nights in our empty room with blank walls, we felt more like we were living in an "insane asylum" with the aged, white walls staring back at us.  So, against our landlords advice, we dived right in.  But, in keeping with the property managers request, we had to stay in the "off white" family.  Playin' it safe.
This "simple" and "cheap" project has turned into a little more than we bargained for, but will totally be worth it in the end.

Without a car, running in to grab a quick can of paint ain't so quick.  Those cans are much heavier than you think and the metal handle digging into your hands when walking a mile up and down a hilly road ain't so fun.  Why not just take a cab home, you ask?  Well, I am trying to be very budget conscious…and stubbornly trying to prove to the husband that this is indeed a cheap project.

Instead, I took a 15 min ferry from the city..then a mile walk uphill and many stairs to get to the paint store (gps had originally only calculated a half mile walk)…a mile back to ferry station with big paint can, supplies, and pole extender in hand…switched ferries in the city to get to our local ferry stop..then a 5 minute walk home.  Whew. Deep breath.  Turns out, I ran into our neighborhood hardware store the very next day, and sure enough, they had the same darn paint!!  Haha at least I can laugh about it.  Life is all about the adventure I guess.  Btw, I went to the hardware store to purchase a step stool for reaching the top edge of the wall.  And guess what that means…our project is getting even less "cheap".  
Just another beautiful day…at least I had a gorgeous backdrop on my journey to the paint store! Can't complain. 

Ronnie getting his $ worth out of the step stool, taping the edges since my lines were far from professional.  One coat down in the living room and hallway.  Will keep you updated on the progress!  Hope to be finished before our stuff arrives, which should be within the next 10 days. 

In other news, we will be checking out of the hotel today and off to Brisbane for the weekend!  Goodbye nightly bubble bath and oversized robe.  Goodbye daily clean sheets and towels.  While you have been good to us, just please give us our stuff so we can make this wonderful place our "home".  

Other updates from the week:

1. I went to my first yoga class!  Lululemon offers a free class every Wednesday at 7:15 am. Ronnie's coworker's spouse accompanied me (luckily he is also a beginner) and we thoroughly enjoyed it. What a great way to start the day!  We are going to attend classes regularly and become intense (hopefully).  It's nice to have a buddy to push you or else it's easy to hit the snooze button.  First real beginners class at a studio starts tomorrow!

2.  After yoga, we found an awesome place for breakfast close to home - Treehouse.  Always exciting to find a yummy and hip spot!  Ronnie and I have been keeping mental and written notes for when our guests come to visit.

3.  Speaking of visitors, the first brave souls have booked their trip to come stay with us!!  Ronnie's older brother and best friend are coming together in November!  We are pumped.  I am already trying to put together an itinerary of cool things to do…and, it will be nice to have a Thanksgiving dinner with loved ones around.  My sister has also booked her trip over New Years!!  She gets to stay for two weeks at the end of her xmas school break…perfect.  Lots to look forward to.

4. Date night with Indian food overlooking the Harbour and The Dark Knight Rises at world's largest IMAX screen, dinner and drinks with new friends, and periodic Olympic games watching (mostly the Aussies losing).

I'll fill you in on our Brisbane trip next week!  Ronnie has work there on Monday, so it will be an extended weekend for me (as always hehe).  

Have a great weekend everyone!

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