Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Down Under, Down Under

Our little apartment is starting to feel like a "home"!  All of our stuff arrived on Friday without a hitch!  Only two broken bowls…not bad for the 8,000 mile journey.  Now, our problem is that we have too much "stuff"and not enough storage space!  Funny how that works out.  I am really enjoying organizing and decorating our place this time around.  Stay tuned for before and after pics once I get finished hanging pictures, etc!
1. Cue the music…"the crate has arrived"! What a beauty haha.
2. First piece of furniture unwrapped!
3. Boxes on boxes on boxes
1. Paintings on pictures on mirrors
2. Making a mess in the kitchen…you think we have enough cups?!
3.  Although I couldn't help and participate in "food for thought" this Friday at the office, I was still able to snatch up a serving of butter chicken...a nice break from moving and testing out the patio furniture again!

It is official…we are certified divers!  What a great experience.  I am so proud of R and I for accomplishing this together.  Not only did I face my fears in the ocean, but I really enjoyed myself down under!  We got super lucky with the weather and great visibility under water, which made our training that much more enjoyable…and we met some awesome people from all over the world!  

The first half of Saturday was spent in the pool practicing skills and such to get us acquainted to breathing techniques and "emergency" situations.  I must say, the first time breathing under water with a regulator sure freaked me out!  Then, we went for a fun shore dive in the afternoon to explore….and saw a Port Jackson shark, eel, and octopus!  Yes, a shark.  No, not a big one.  But, it still counts!  Once I was down there among the sea life, all my built up anxiety over the years went away!  It was reassuring to realize that they don't want to have anything to do with humans..now that isn't to say that if I see a bigger shark in the GBR that I won't get scared!  One step at a time now.
1. Finishing the online training course the day before the real fun began
2. First ocean shore dive at Oak Park in Cronulla with the crew
3. Many thanks to Abyss for making our first diving experience "unforgettable".  Such friendly, patient, and knowledgeable staff
4. The crew (minus one).  The big dude on my left was our amazing master instructor..who saved my life a couple of times when I decided to "panic" during skills like mask flooding and "out of air" scenarios. Remember, never stop breathing and always remain zen :) Next to him is our new friend from Germany.  
Underwater pool pics!
Second day dive site at Bare Island in La Perouse. Did a total of 3 dives on Sunday. Such a picturesque spot and the same location where Mission: Impossible II was filmed.  Once again, we saw some amazing things….a few blue grouper, four PJ sharks, a goat fish, and a weedy sea dragon (which are only found in Southern Australia)!! So amazing and a perfect way to end the day.  Couldn't have asked for a better experience to introduce me to scuba diving. 

Diving pretty much took up our whole weekend, which we can't complain.  I had no idea how much physical work it would be…carrying heavy equipment, squeezing into tight wet suits, etc.  It sure was a sight seeing me carry 50 lbs on my back uphill!
Luckily, we were able to hang out with friends Friday night.  They introduced us to a hip restaurant called The Dip, which serves amazing hot dogs, nachos, and pulled pork sandwiches among other things.  A little bite of USA :) Then, off to watch The Bourne Legacy (which most of us were disappointed comparatively to the others in the series).  
Tonight, we were able to fully enjoy and relax in our new home.  Dinner was "melt in your mouth" chicken, sautéed veggies, and sweet potato fries with parmesan.  

Looking forward to another great week ahead!  Was able to catch up with my grandmas, sis (who starts her last "first day" of college today!!!), and a few friends, including my sweet Teddy. Haha he is SO needy, but my dear friend is doing a great job of spoiling him.


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