Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dive In

So, in following with this quote, I am really pushing myself "out of my comfort zone"….by scuba diving!  Getting certified has always been a dream of mine, as the world under water is so beautiful and mysterious.  Somewhere in my teen years as I was snorkeling in Mexico, I got "spooked" when I turned around under water to a giant fish staring back at me.  After that, something changed in me.  I haven't been able to get myself to go out in the ocean deeper than standing, not even in the clearest waters on our honeymoon.  My biggest fear is sharks.  Not having the control or knowing of what lies below.  But, I don't want these things to hold me back forever.  I am ready to change!!  I no longer want to miss out on opportunities that I may never get to experience again due to fear..especially in a location such as this.  
R and I are signed up to get PADI certified this weekend.  It includes a 10 hour online component (which we have been doing a few hours every night this week) and all day Saturday and Sunday in-water training.  I guess my courage will be tested pretty quickly as it turns out.  First obstacle will just be swimming out farther off the shore.  I wonder if there has ever been a scuba diver scared of the ocean?!  Ironic.  Once I can actually see what is going on down there, I think that will ease my nerves and help me conquer this fear.  Supposedly, we won't see any sharks this weekend in training (Don't worry, Gappy and Mema).  I will save that fear for when we go to the Great Barrier Reef. One step at a time now.  O ya, did I tell you that we booked our trip to Cairns with Dan and Ross?!  They are planning to get certified in the U.S. so we can all dive the GBR together in November!  What an experience that will be.  

In other exciting news, the movers will finally be delivering our entire shipment of belongings tomorrow!!!  Time to make this place our home.  Being without our furniture, most of our clothes, and kitchen supplies has been an interesting mix of emotions…at times very frustrating and inconvenient and other times humbling and appreciative for the "simple" things.  It is amazing what you can do "without".  With that being said, though, we are looking forward to the familiar.  

Creations in the kitchen this week thanks to pinterest mainly...
1. Foil baked fish with black beans and corn.  Used a hake white fish from the local seafood market.
2. Pork loin marinated in a mint-rosemary seasoning and seared with a side of caramelized potatoes.
3. Chicken, corn, and parsley burgers served on sourdough bread with a side salad and fruit.
4. Peanut butter and Nutella cookies.  Sweet treat!  I think I deserve it?!  Ok, they were really for the hubby..but I helped him finish them off.  

Speaking of him, R has found a new obsession…swimming!  Maybe he was inspired by the olympics and saw how conditioned the athletes bodies were?!  Whatever it was, I'm not complaining.  There is the North Sydney Olympic Pool a few minutes from our house, which I think is one of the most picturesque spots in all of Sydney.  It is literally right on the water, with the backdrop of the harbour bridge and opera house in the distance.  And so convenient!  Only a mile run across the bridge from Ronnie's office and a short walk from our place - Proud of him for having the energy to run and swim after work…and then come home to work on "projects" with me!

Today was peaceful.  Yoga in the morning, lunch with R (PB&J's of course), and reading at the park. Can you see the school boys in uniform at the bottom right? I just love that they are in ties, slacks, and dress shoes playing soccer, etc.  Such a sight!  And their cute accents…just makes me happy. :)  Finishing our deep cleaning, diving certification lessons, and Big Brother (a tv show that they are obsessed with over here...different than the U.S. version, but still super entertaining) tonight over a big bowl of pasta!  Tomorrow marks more new beginnings. 
Another surreal sunset from our balcony.  Looking forward to summer and our patio furniture…and our friends and family to enjoy it with.  Missing you all deeply!!!

I mean, how could you not love this face?!  All of Teddy's tests came back negative (which is good), so he is one step closer!  I think he already has the Aussie lifestyle down.

Cheers to a great weekend!

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