Sunday, July 29, 2012

How are you going?

We are starting to pick up on some of the "slang" down under..trying to fit in with the locals.  Hopefully my overuse of "Y'ALL" doesn't obnoxiously give it away! hehe.

"How are you going?" is used quite frequently….and simply means, "How are you?" or "Whats up?". "No worries"…"G'Day"…and "Cheers!" are also very commonly used terms.  When a waiter brings your food to the table.."cheers!", after you say thank you to someone…"no worries" or even "cheers!" works, too. 

Our life in pictures this past weekend…

1. Surprise bottle of champagne delivered to our room from Ronnie's company to welcome us to Australia! Thankful and blessed.
2. Retail therapy and pretty window displays on famous George Street.  The city reminds me so much of New York.
3. First sushi train experience in the heart of Chinatown.  Stressful, but we managed.
4. Three story apple store.  Mega.

We took an all day tour to The Blue Mountains, about an hour west from Sydney. Gorgeous! Very chilly and windy, but luckily not a cloud in the sky! 
First stop, the Three Sisters.  As you can see, it is a rock formation of three points…and of course an aboriginal legend behind the name. 
Then, we took a scenic skyway across the canyon to take it all in.  The glass floor was a neat feature to see the waterfalls and canyons below.
Which led us to a walk in the rainforest…
..and then to the steepest incline railway in the world!  Don't know if that thing is up to code standards, but we made it to the top!
Our tour also made a stop at Wentworth Falls.  Took a few hundred stairs to get there, but worth the views!  We also had a chance to explore the town of Leura..and indulge in some fancy chocolates.

The day couldn't have ended more perfectly with a stop at Featherdale Wildlife Park.  Up close encounters with Australia's well known national symbol.  Another "pinch me" moment.
The pictures speak for themselves…
The 2nd picture is a baby roo! And, do you spot a joey in the pouch?
Dingos!  The cute little white one was hopping around like Teddy.  Guess looks can be deceiving...
Meeting and Feeding.  Can you see the excitement?!
These two guys were fighting with each other out of our hands to win the food!
 I think you could say that Ronnie really enjoyed himself.  Ronnie + Kangaroo = mates!
Sunday was a day of relaxation…morning sunshine and travel reading at the Royal Botanical Gardens and FaceTime with Teddy!
Just wanted to thank everyone for the love and support this week!  Kenz and I are overwhelmed and truly grateful for everyone who has touched our lives (and our moms life!). 


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  1. So neat Kelsey! Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey - I love reading about your adventures!! :-) PS:BUMC 3T misses you too!