Monday, August 27, 2012

Travelog: Melbourne To Be Wild

Please tell me that some of you are like R and I when you travel.  I'm talking about eating your way through new cities..planning your next meal before the last one is finished…walking long distances and standing in long lines just to experience the yumminess of a local hot spot.  

Growing up, my parents wouldn't stand for us eating at "chain" restaurants, especially on vacation.  Instead, they made it their mission to try every dive and "hole in the wall" to expose us to the local culture...whether it meant asking the taxi driver on the way to the hotel or a random bystander on the street.  At the time, my sis and I weren't very appreciate, as we would just roll our eyes and throw fits on "just wanting a McDonalds happy meal".  But, now I get it.  Thanks, Mom and Dad!

So, I give you "Foodie Finds: Melbourne edition"…
 Fancy pants. Duck and Wagyu beef.  
We always laugh when we sit down to a place setting of multiple forks and spoons and both look up at each other when the first dish comes out, like "uhhh how do we eat this?!"…but trying to be discrete so the mature patrons sitting next to us don't catch on to our poser ways.  
 Creperie food truck!
Always a treat to get my nutella crepe fix that I came to love in Paris.  We may or may have not made a second visit just before leaving for the airport.  Who said we needed self control on vacation?! 
 Huxtaburger and glass coke bottles.  Needs no explanation.  
 Wandering through narrow alleyways filled with coffee shops and cafes. Mid afternoon espresso and tea are a standard here.  
Authentic Mexican cuisine with a twist at Mamasitas.  Margs, guac, and roasted corn.  Closest to home we can get.  Stood in an hour queue up a narrow staircase for this one, but worth it.
Brekky! Cant beat baked eggs served in mini-cocottes, funky wallpaper, and the "best hot chocolate hands down" per R.
Funky fresh at Movida.  Spanish tapas inspired.  Fried croquet of wild mushroom, chorizo filled catalan potato bomb, chargrilled barramundi, and churros con chocolate just to name a few. Located in an alleyway covered in graffiti.

Besides being the host to amazing food, Melbourne is an eclectic city that has lots to do and see.  It is the second biggest city to Sydney and many compare the two, always debating which one is "better".  I have to say, R and I both agreed that we vote Sydney (maybe a little biased).  Thats not to say that we had a wonderful weekend getaway, though! Some other things we experienced this weekend…
 St. Paul's cathedral and Flinders Street Station.
 Footy! Some of the best moments traveling are spontaneous.  We wandered into the Imperial Hotel (Melbournes' third oldest pub dating back to 1858) late Saturday afternoon to watch the Sydney Swans play.  Then, as we were headed back to the hotel Sunday evening a few hours before our plane was departing, I noticed everyone around wearing "N. Melbourne Kangaroo" gear.  We followed the crowd and ended up at the AFL stadium…of course we bought tix and stayed for most of the game until we had to catch our plane!
 Museum time!  Great exhibit on "The Wonders of Ancient Mesopotamia".
 You can imagine that we spent most of our time at the human body and mind exhibit. So fun!
R had work meetings when we arrived Thursday morning until late afternoon, so this is how I spent my time...
Queen Victoria Market.  Everything from fresh veggies and meat to NBA jerseys haha 
 South Wharf, mid-day stop.  
St. Kilda beach.  Still chilly and winter here!  Hope things start to warm up soon so we can fully enjoy the AU beaches.  

Missing everyone who did the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition Run in Austin this weekend! It is wonderful to know that there are so many special people who are keeping my mothers legacy alive…through bringing awareness to others and remembering those who have lost their lives.  

Don't take a day for granted!

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