Monday, August 6, 2012

Travelog: Busy in Brissy

Or "Bris Vegas" as Ronnie's coworkers and many others have ironically nicknamed the city.  We were pleasantly surprised with how wonderful our weekend getaway turned out in Brisbane!!  I guess that's why going in with no expectations is a win, win!  We didn't do any research before going like usual, so we just sort of stumbled upon little adventures…

Eagle Street Pier for a yummy seafood lunch overlooking the water.  Lobster for lunch sure is a treat!  The weekend market was also fun to browse with the serene backdrop.

An afternoon walk along the river and through the botanical gardens…

…which led us to South Bank Parklands, where a man made beach and "village" of shops and trendy restaurants are situated across the river from the city scene.  The highlight of Ronnie's trip was "doing nothing" but laying on the lawn and watching the people pass as the sun shined down.

Late night drinks at a pub "on the mall" situated in the shopping district…and live olympics viewing. And, our hotel at night above central station.

The city is centered along the Brisbane River, which makes outdoor activities very popular.  We rented bikes on Sunday afternoon to join the locals along the trails!  I was so impressed with how many walking and biking trails there were..and they were all marked so well with maps and signs along the way.  Great views along the river, too!  O and of course, we stumbled across people rock climbing, kayaking, and dancing on the side.  

These observations have only solidified our opinion that people seem to be more active as a whole in Australia..or at least that they like to get outside in nature (and this is only the winter).  The cities of Sydney and Brisbane have made a noticeable effort to promote healthy and "green" living.  Recycling is easily accessible, even making an effort on airplanes.  Now, I can't speak for any other cities in the U.S., but just my thoughts comparatively to Texas.  

A perfect way to end the weekend…at the theatre to watch "Jersey Boys" musical!  I have heard so many great reviews about the broadway in New York, so it was a little funny to think it took us traveling all the way to Australia to see it!  I almost forgot where we were, with "authentic" New Jersey accents and All-American tunes!   

Quick Teddy update…the blog IS named after him after all!  The swap from Ronnie's mom to my best friend went down this weekend.  He is officially thirty days from departure…and sixty days until Aussie freedom!!  Many vaccinations and blood work to go through tomorrow.  Quite a process.  Hang in there, buddy! 

Enjoying my last bit of tea at the hotel lobby before I catch the train to meet up with Ronnie at the airport.  Weekend trips like these are what living abroad is all about…feeling thankful for this opportunity and the many more to come. 


  1. Too much teddy.

    1. Agreed, Teddy sux. I'm so glad somebody finally said it. Blog should be called "two - Teddy"