Wednesday, January 30, 2013

'Straya Day!

Just think Fourth of July in the U.S….BBQ, flags, boats, friends, and fireworks! 
The day kicked off with breakfast tacos and a ferry race/boat parade in our "backyard".  Madness!!
And they're off!  Hundreds of spectator boats surround the racing ferries and fill up the harbour.  And don't forget the many helicopters filming the whole thing.  I've never seen so much traffic!  The bottom right picture is of a floating stage and concert that kept going by.  I love this city.
Afterwards, we geared up in our cheesy matching t-shirts at our friends place for a relaxing bbq dinner. 
A series of Jenny and I being goofy and trying to decide a pose to show off our flag tattoos.  Don't we make a cute couple?!  
Burgers galore!!  Bacon, egg, and pecorino…bleu cheese, tomato, and tabasco…compliments of the chef.
In typical tourist fashion, we ended the night at Darling Harbour for an amazing fireworks and laser light show over the water!  The day was a great introduction to the holiday and we loved every minute of it.
What else did we do for the long three day weekend, you ask? Besides the fact that it rained for TWO days straight (no exaggeration), we took it upon ourselves to lay in bed and watch Homeland (the second half of season 1 and all of season 2).  

Just to give you a perspective as to how obsessed we became with the tv series…we watched the entire 12 hour season in 1 day…and had to stay up until 5 am to finish!  Oops.  I can't believe I am even admitting this to you.  When I would hear people say they spent their rainy day watching 4 movies, I never understood how you could sit around for that long.  Now I do…and then some.  If you haven't watched the series, I highly recommend it.  And for the record, after a battle between watching Downton Abbey (my choice) and Homeland (R's choice), I ended up liking the drama more than him for all you skeptical ladies out there.  Maybe Downton will be next for us.

In lieu of awards season, we have also been moviegoing a lot lately.  While we give 2 thumbs up to Django Unchained and maybe a little less to Silver Linings Playbook, we have planned to see Zero Dark Thirty on Friday.  Django is edgy, thrilling, and weirdly funny..and I need to buy the soundtrack asap.  Silver Linings was hyped up with my favorite, J.Law...and while I really enjoyed the message and humor, it didn't exceed my expectations.  
The first picture is proof that we stayed up until sunrise to finish Homeland…and now we have to wait for the next season, which is not until September!  
This week in the kitchen:
I just had to share this adorable card that I am SLIGHTLY obsessed with.  A friend from Tennessee sent this to me today and it makes me smile so much.  On my next trip back to Texas in May, I worked out a way to stop through Nashville to see her for a weekend before coming back to Sydney.  For $1.  My husband is a genius.  The end.  

This week is full of more new adventures.  Like a giddy school girl, I started photography classes yesterday at Australian Centre for Photography.  Yesterday was Photoshop Intensive and later today is Camera Craft 2.  I am open to the possibilities of what doors they may open.  In the mean time, it's back to the basics.  Wish me luck!

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