Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sister Sister, part II

The party is over…my sis has left me for Texas.  It is a lonely week to say the least. Good thing I have lots of memories to keep me going.  R had to make a quick business trip back to Dallas in the middle of her trip…and while we were sad to see him go, it gave us some quality girl time to share!
Beyond the "touristy" things, we enjoyed the everyday joys of watching sunsets on the balcony, reading and cuddling with Teddy, and early morning workouts classes with a view.  I enjoyed having a "tag along" to conquer the city with!
Some close-ups of the little sis! Beautiful.
Since R and I had so much fun a few weeks ago in The Hunter Valley, I thought it would be a fun girls getaway.  Our trip exceeded expectations for sure.  We enjoyed a full day wine tour and fun dinner at our resort with some new friends from the day.  I'm still amazed at how open to traveling and adventure  Australians are…everyone we meet seems to have such an interesting story and I love it.
We had fun frolicking through the vines and learning a little more about wine along the way.  
There was even a wild kangaroo spotting at our hotel as we were being taken by golf cart to our room…and in true fashion we screamed for the bell boy to stop so we could hop out and get closer!  I'm sure the poor guy thought we were crazy tourists, but it was worth it.  
We spent our last day together at the zoo, watching the cuddling koalas, family of giraffes, and sea lions.
We are such children and loved our day at the zoo!  I am seriously obsessed with the giraffes…and loved that I captured a moment with the mama and baby.
A hot summer day at the Royal Botanical Gardens.  I think my sis finally appreciated how much walking we do everywhere…like seriously it's a lot!!!
And a memorable ending to her trip commenced at Rockpool Bar and Grill.  We feasted on steak, pureed potatoes, and mac & cheese (and a few greens)..yummy!  

While I think the two of us would have enjoyed being stuck under a rock together, I must say that Sydney was the perfect backdrop for our time together. And the crazy girl is already back at school starting her last semester of college!  They grow up so fast hehe. And having her here has only made me more excited for our visitors that are yet to come in 2013!!!  Up next, Ron, Becky, and Char!  

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