Thursday, January 24, 2013

Life Ain't Always Peachy

It was brought to my attention recently ( my most recent visitor) that my life "just seems perfect" and looks like I have no worries or bad days.  While there is always truth into what I post, I guess I don't completely tell the whole truth…the blog is reserved for happy stuff! Duh.  Besides, I really do feel like I am living a fairytale (in the humblest of ways)…but life ain't always peachy and we all have struggles.  And if anyone tells you different, they be lying!!  After certain life "events" shall we say, I now refer to the adjective 'perfect' as a red flag!  So, moral of the story is to take my posts with a grain of salt and know it's just for fun.  But yes, I do have my lonely days and I do get annoyed when R isn't the 'perfect' husband (hehe kidding….maybe just a little bit).  
Random life.  
FaceTime with Mema and Grandad always makes me smile.  Teddy isn't so amused.
Article clipping from the Sydney Morning Herald…the title above the drawing reads "American School Lunchbox". Not getting into politics (remember this is a fun blog) but it's interesting to get a different perspective on how other countries perceive the U.S.
Just another Wednesday for my friend who invited me to help at the studio for a photo shoot! She was so sweet to show me this side of the photography biz and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity.  We only photographed about 1,000 children's clothing outfits …and I learned the art of stuffing pretty quickly.  Such a cool day with a fun group of girls!  The day wrapped up nicely with a sunset ferry ride home and a surprise welcome from R and Teddy at the wharf.
(photo courtesy of the Sydney Theatre Company)
Date night! Sushi dinner and a performance at the Sydney Theatre Company.  We saw School Dance, which was a comedy that followed three awkward teen boys at a school dance in their journey to social acceptance.  I couldn't relate AT ALL because a. I never went through an awkward phase and b. I never tried to be accepted by my peers…ha YA RIGHT! 
Saturday fun at Watson's Bay for scenic views of the Pacific and the harbour, fish and chips, and cliff walks with Teddles!  
Have I mentioned that I seriously lucked out with the best neighbors?!  They are all so friendly and one lady in particular has saved my booty more than a few times.  Not only has she become Teddy's best buddy and dog sitter, but she has also become a good friend!  Thanks to her, I have joined the neighborhood gym (where R swims) for pilates, yoga, and body pump classes in the morning!  And yes, she is there every single day..never to miss a workout class or swim and lifting more weights than me of course.  She is so fit and an inspiration in so many ways.  

Since we are the only ones in the building during the day, I occasionally drop by to learn more about tennis (the Australian Open is in full swing here) and Teddy enjoys organic raw meat treats that she supplies to him!  Can you say spoiled?! And now she has offered to take me along in her car for a weekly grocery run! She enjoys showing me the specialty bread, seafood, and organic shops in our area which has been so valuable to me.  I treated her to lunch yesterday on the way home…coffees and a meatball sandwich to share.  It's refreshing to develop a friendship with someone who doesn't care about age differences and I don't mind having a mother hen watching over me here.  
Thought for food this week….
Falafel pita with hummus and roasted vegetables
I'm still a work in progress, but this one was fun to help with and turned out to be a refreshing lunch!
This week in the kitchen:
Simple turkey burgers and fruit salad
Kale, orange, and apple juice drink courtesy of our new juicer…ok not new.  Just as the saying goes, "One man's trash is another man's treasure", R brought home the perfectly working and clean appliance in it's original box that had been sitting on the curb of our street with a sign saying "Free! And it's working!".  I love when stuff like that happens…and saved us a few hundred bucks. 
 We stocked up on greens and such at a farmers market this weekend to make plenty of juice combinations! 
Rice paper spring rolls with cabbage, carrot, spinach, and avocado

We are looking forward to a three day weekend ahead since it will be Australia Day on Saturday the 26th!  Lots of fun things planned.  Next week we are seeing Keith Urban play so you can imagine I'm pretty happy that R scored a super deal on ebay for that one! And you know what else makes me happy?! I just had the best day catching up with girlfriends via FaceTime.  Ooh technology, how I don't know what I would have done without you over here…and also sending a birthday shoutout to my dear friend, Haley!  

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  1. We are still enjoying every blog you write. It makes me feel closer to you two and the pics are the best. This week I especially liked seeing the picture of your neighbor at lunch and I am looking forward to meeting her later this year. Tell Keith I say hello, LOL. I love you, M