Thursday, January 3, 2013

twenty thirteen

You know how New Years Eve can be overrated sometimes…building it up to start the new year off right with a big bang?!  Well, I am happy to say we were not disappointed this year.  With all the talk of how great Sydney's firework show was and how it was always the topic of conversation when people found out where we lived, I was a little worried (but also very anxious) to see if the show would live up to its expectations.  To make the day even more special, we were blessed with gorgeous weather and my beautiful sister from Texas to celebrate with!  I have plenty of pics to share soon of her trip so far.  I could get used to having her around :)
Since our neighborhood was a prime viewing spot, we steered clear of the roads and city.  Instead, we enjoyed the warm summer day on the balcony watching the many people setting up camp and boats lining up  in the harbour.  Some people were clever and waded in a baby pool on the lawn below.  The energy of being in the middle of everything was so much fun!
Champagne toast to the new year!!!!  Two different fireworks shows were displayed at 9 pm and midnight.  Teddy didn't seem to mind. He just loved all the people around!
The city and opera house were lit up so beautifully and tons of boats were in the show, decorated in lights to the theme. Do you see the lips lit up in the middle of the bridge?  They moved with the "10-9-8…1" countdown to 2013 and were part of the "Embrace" theme.   
Friends!  We enjoyed our low key evening with them just taking in this once in a lifetime opportunity.  
2012 will always be a special year to us.  We have so much to be thankful for and never could have imagined a year ago that we would be across the world celebrating new beginnings and new friends here today.  If you are a life planner like me and have your five year, ten year, heck even twenty year path all perfectly mapped out, think again!!  I learned my lesson on that one the hard way…and that sometimes God has different plans than what we intended.  Open yourself up to new opportunities and you might be surprised with what is presented to you!  
A surreal way to say goodbye to 2012!!!  I have been waiting for the fireworks to go off every night since…guess I will have to wait another year!  So worth it, though.  
Our friend, Steph, treated us all to Pavlova with Strawberries and Cream (a traditional Australian holiday dessert) to top the night off.
My sis and  R (mainly my sister) helped in the kitchen to make some simple appetizers.
Rocket Salad with apples, pecans, currants, and parmesan and a light lemon dressing
Deviled eggs
Red Velvet Cupcakes (the buttercream icing didn't turn out, but they were still yummy!)

Instead of making unattainable goals that will be forgotten about by next weekend, I am going to TRY and appreciate every day for what it is and be thankful for every day I get to spend on this Earth.  Am I being too sappy?  Whoops.  Just feeling extra grateful today (I guess my sister is to blame for that one…).  I hope everyone can find something to appreciate on this January 2013 day!!  Shout out to all our friends in Dallas who we missed celebrating with per usual. And the Peoples Pack for the many years of New Year's memories.  


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