Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sister Sister

So it's no surprise that I have been looking forward to my little sister visiting.  Luckily, she found some time during her break before her last semester of college to get away.  Our adventures so far...
Welcoming committee at the airport!! And straight to experiencing public transport, luggage in tow.  
Welcome home!  Teddy sure missed his "auntie".  
Well, we had planned ahead to do the Opera House tour on her first day...but knowing our luck, it just wasn't in the cards.  After standing in the slowest line to claim our tour tickets thirty minutes before, we got to the front of will call just five minutes after the tour start time and were forced to reschedule (and mind you a couple had cut us in line just before and spent about 10 minutes claiming tickets).  Hahaha guess you just have to laugh about those things…so, we took pictures instead!
Thanks to my Aunt and Uncle for this adorable picnic bag gift, we were inspired to put it into use!!
Then it was off to the wildlife park for close encounters with kangaroos and koalas!  Typical Australian thing to do.  And I finally conquered driving!  R supervised in the passenger seat.  
Thats about as close as I could get her to stand to the sleeping beauty.  Mama and baby!  
Enjoying peaceful nights at home!  It's nice to be on the go, but also to chill at home.  R always says that with our view, he doesn't feel like we even have to leave home to feel like we did something.  
Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk!  Look what we found along the way…MacKenzies Bay!  
Apparently there was a shark sighting and evacuation just an hour before we got to Bondi Beach.  You would have never known with all the people around!  
Dinner date!  Indian food and a movie at the coolest classic "picture palace".  The highlight besides enjoying Life of Pi in 3D was the live organist that emerged from under the movie theatre stage in lieu of previews. We felt like we were taken back in time.  I should have been born in a different era…
My (and now McKenzie's) favorite spot, The Treehouse.  Loving our girl time!
Hyde Park and St. Marys Cathedral tour!
Pretty sunflowers and trees galore!
A quaint afternoon in Paddington.  Just the girls while R was working hard.  We loved getting lost in the day at a french cafe sipping our lattes and admiring the terrace homes surrounding the neighborhood.  
Ok, so we made it back for our delayed tour…plenty of time to spare.  In the top right picture, you can see our apartment building from one of the foyers of the concert halls (just to put things into perspective as to our whereabouts).  
Love those purple carpets! Go frogs!
Hot afternoon at Manly Beach.  We even got our mexican food fix!
Nighttime stroll through Luna Park.
Trek across the bridge and ferry ride to Mosman….Teddy in tow of course.  The poor thing needs his exercise, too.  
We love this secret spot…always great views.  I'm not going to lie, Kenz and I were pretty pitiful by this point with all the walking and summer heat.  
Saturday night fun in Darling Harbour.  We didn't get the memo like the 20,000 people who showed up to watch a giant duck arrival and fireworks display?  Weird, I know.  We were so confused when we showed up to the area and hundreds of people were camped out on the street…later we figured it out when fireworks started going off in the harbour near our restaurant.  I love that Sydney always has so much to offer to the community!

Brace yourselves, this is just week one of my sisters trip.  More to come!  And if you think my recaps are too excessive, too bad.  Enjoy!

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