Monday, February 4, 2013

Urban Cowboy

This weekend started off right with good vibes at the Keith Urban concert!  
I almost forgot we weren't in Texas as I felt right at home with my favorite country boy singing to me….just me.  He really worked the crowd and ran his way through the masses to different points in the arena.  I thought that was a nice way to give everyone a good view and it really pumped up the audience.
I just really enjoyed getting to see him in his "hometown"...and you could tell he was extra happy to be there!  Keith puts on a great show and even had some surprise appearances from Joel and Benji Madden, Guy Sebastian, and Jimmy Barnes!  
And yes, I represented proudly as the only cowboy boot wearing female around.  I just had to.  When else was I going to get away with wearing these things in Australia?!  They were my mothers from her twenties (I raided them from her closet about five years ago) and have been attached ever since.  
My boys.
This is my husband.  Would you like an explanation?  To sum up his elated face….he is thankful for YouTube for showing him a sketchy way to "fix" your xbox controller.  In case you're wondering, it is working and that darn green light is on as we speak, but I am waiting for a meltdown when it eventually malfunctions.  Lucky me.  
Happy Birthday Pete!  Celebration commenced at his house with an old school r&b bling theme..hence the jerseys, hats, and chains.  The lovely hostess kept us well fed and entertained as they always show us a good time!
Pose!  R was in his element…brought back good memories of his high school wardrobe days.  I guess a lot does change in seven years!! The morning after bling.
Random happenings.
1. Caught off guard.  Enjoyed the evening with asian tapas and the film, Zero Dark Thirty.  
2. Afternoon tea for one.
3. Slightly obsessed with Sydney schools.  Here, four of the private boys high schools are participating in "carnival" which is a swim relay race.  Caught them on my way to the gym and just had to reminisce and watch.  
4.  We always have front row seats for storms rolling through.  Last night was no exception.  
I just love my husband.  Not only is he the sweetest and most patient, but he's also got skillzzz.  All things numbers, spreadsheets, budgets, money, formulas…he's got you covered!  Knowing this, I offered his services to help my neighbor with a few things.  While we they spent the morning taking care of business (I sat in the corner drinking oj,cuddling with Teddy, and putting my two cents in occasionally), our afternoon was spent treating ourselves to a nice lunch and tour around the north shore.
We headed to Headlank Park for amazing views and this cute french cafe for lunch.  Look at that french onion soup!  Exploring the area by car and with a local is a great experience.  Our neighbor wore us out, though, so a mandatory Sunday afternoon nap was a must.  
This week in the kitchen:
Chicken Parm Meatballs with Kale Chips

Thought For Food:
Sous Vide Steak with Rockpool's Macaroni Cheese

Aren't we just SO healthy this week?! HA.  I guess the meatballs are actually pretty good for you minus the cheese and bread..oops.  And the recipe makes a lot so they are freezing perfectly for a lazy day! 

My first week of photography classes were awesome.  Looking forward to going back tomorrow!!  I am more intimidated than I thought I would be, though.  There are some pretty advanced photographers (with their fancy gear) in one of my classes that took me by surprise.  I know I just need to get over it and focus on my own work.  So, my goal this week is to work on self doubt and regain confidence in my own abilities!  I'll let you know how I go with that one...

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  1. I'm looking forward to some yummy french onion soup when I visit and one of those private spreadsheet lessons from my son might serve me well. Thank you again for keeping us involved in your life through your entertaining blog.