Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Travelog: NSW South Coast Roadtrip

To be quite honest, I didn't think I would make it two weeks into this blogging thing before giving up.  Now 55 posts in, I'm so glad I've stuck with it (sort of).  Originally, I wanted to do a quick post every day…and that realistically became twice a week…and now it's just whenever I'm disciplined enough to sit down and think about it!  I've been slacking lately and have weeks worth of adventures I need to catch up on.  

My trips to Texas and Tennessee in May are distracting me…R and I are already salivating over the bbq and fried chicken we will be consuming.  Every day I continue to add to my "To Buy in Dallas" list and I fantasize about going to Target for one stop shopping. I'm glad I miss home.  It makes me realize that we will be ready to move back next year.  In the mean time, we are still trying to comprehend this amazing opportunity.  This little road trip down south reaffirmed our love for this country and simply how beautiful it is!!  We couldn't get over it
Rise and shine! Early morning drive through Royal National Park.  I also learned my lesson to never turn down a brekky roll at a hole in the wall cafe.  Luckily the hubby was nice enough to share once we realized how amazing it was (even though he should have made me suffer for initially being a brat and saying "I'm not eating here, it's dirty!"). 
About two hours in, we hit Sea Cliff Bridge for a windy road that led us along and above the coast.   
If you don't call this spoiled, I don't know what is….Teddy seriously loved every minute of the journey! 
There were so many national parks and lookouts to drive through that we had a hard time narrowing it down.  Luckily there were road signs everywhere and points were clearly marked.  We chose to catch a glimpse of Fitzroy Falls and all 262 feet of rushing water to the bottom.  
Then, we ventured to nearby Kangaroo Valley to drive across Hampden Bridge and enjoy a quaint afternoon.  The bridge was built in 1897, making it the oldest suspension bridge in Australia. Don't blink because the ride across sure goes fast!  Good thing we actually stopped at "The World's Best Pies" shop off the main drag out of curiosity.  The Texans in us saw the sign and thought, "yummy I would love to try the apple pie!! Just like home…".  After about two seconds of walking in, we realized the joke was on us.  R and I looked at each other with big grins both trying to play it cool that duhhhh we remembered we were in Australia, and here they do pies with meat and veg!  I am serious when I say this…best "pie" I have ever had!!!  Obsessed.  And to think we almost drove past it (we actually did drive past it at first glance, but quickly made a turn around).  
A long dirt road separated us from this breathtaking lookout over the valley.  Not going to lie, though…R and I literally sprinted back to the car after we thought a cheetah (irrational I know) was chasing us.  At least that's what it sounded like!  We never figured out what it was.  Probably a bird in the trees ha. See, we try to be outdoorsy and adventurous..but you put us two together with our irrational fears and it ain't pretty or rational whatsoever. Isn't my man supposed to be the one to protect and calm some sense into me?  Instead, mine just runs right behind, encouraging me to go faster.  Gotta love him!  
Roadside pit stops…farms, dairy sheds, and cheese shops!  Sometimes I fantasize about country life.  Do you think I could pull it off?  
After calling about a million places that couldn't accommodate THE dog (or us for that matter) on the popular Easter weekend, we finally found a spot 4.5 hours south of Sydney.  We were pleasantly surprised with the town of Narooma and our motel-esque accommodation (with a private, fenced in yard for Teddy).
My favorite moment of the trip was this.  Aimlessly walking to find a bite to eat, we came across this scene right next to a crowded fish and chips shop.  Wow is all I can say.  The water was so calm, a flock of birds were taking a dip in the distance, and two dads and their young sons were hunting for crabs on the shore nearby.  The sign to the park read "A good days fishing with plenty more for tomorrow".  I think I loved it so much because it was unexpected and unplanned.  
Day 2 we ventured 20 miles farther south to Tilba for the village's annual Easter festival.  Another spontaneous thing that we're glad we found! R referred to it as "Westchestertonfieldville" in regards to it's perfectly quaint and surreal surroundings. If you've ever seen Mr. Deeds you would understand the name. 
I mean come on…"The Tilba Teapot", baby calves just hanging out, giant clowns blowing bubbles, vintage cars, fairy floss (aka cotton candy), french homeware stores, and the most picturesque "parking lot". Ha we sure got a kick out of this refreshing take on life!  
Maybe we were swayed by our love for the countryside and quaint towns, but when we got to the capitol city, we weren't as impressed.  Here we were now in the middle of nowhere bush land with a futuristic structure built in central Canberra where Parliament stands.  Hmmm…in unison, R and I both agreed we felt like we were in The Hunger Games, arriving at The Capitol of Panem.  
The structure itself was quite intriguing and the architecture surrounding made it fun to run around and snap a few shots.  That was about enough of the city…maybe we just didn't give it a chance.
Dashboard confessions...
Cows!!  Feels like home….but not.  I appreciate them more now for some reason..and I think they are purrdddy.  
Life on the road, featuring divo Teddy.  We successfully managed to bring the dog along without leaving him once all 72 hours plus! Call that obsessive or accommodating…and we really had no choice otherwise.  It worked out well for our low key weekend but I don't see it happening anywhere else. 

Other than that, I finished my photography/photoshop classes last week so now it's on to the next thing.  It's about darn time I get out there and volunteer where I am needed most!!  I'm almost embarrassed to say that it has taken me this long to find a way to give back to the community.  I am really excited for a few potential opportunities that have come up!
More reason to miss home, our good friends DD and Lacey just became parents!  Their baby girl is healthy (and super cute and snuggly in this pic!) and we are so thrilled for these two who are going to make a great team.  We wish them the best and can't wait to meet her!


  1. Still love the blog after all this time :-) Divo Teddy is too cute! My favorite part: Isn't my man supposed to be the one to protect and calm some sense into me? Instead, mine just runs right behind, encouraging me to go faster. I died laughing LOL!!!

  2. Micah says thanks for the shout out. :) Can't wait for you guys to meet her!!