Thursday, March 28, 2013

Too Easy

"Too easy" became the theme of our latest visitors stay.  From their professional traveling ways to their openness to trying anything, we had a successful weekend with a great couple.  Just wish they could have stayed longer!  

One of the most surprising things R and I have learned about being here is that some of our friendships have strengthened now that we're half way across the world!  Funny how that works…
We started the day in Watson's Bay to take in the skyline from afar..
..and sample on one of Sydney's staple fish and chips stops.

Thanks to my lack of timing, we had an hour to waste until the next afternoon tea at the Dunbar House it was!  Thanks for being such a good sport, Justin.
A very breezy ferry ride!  Makes for uncooperative hair.

Harry's Cafe De Wheels.  Justin's only request for the trip…and he approves!  
 One of the many reasons why I love this girl…she gets pooped on by a bird, and instead of getting upset, she laughs it off!  Glad I could catch the moment.  Mind you, it was way more important to capture the moment on camera than to run to her assistance and help.  Shows you how good of a friend I am.  We deserved that hot dog btw.
Then, it was off to the Opera House and Royal Botanical Gardens for some sightseeing.

Some Opera Bar action at sunset to greet R after work! You have no idea how hard it was to get this group picture of us…but it made for a fun memory.
One more walk around the house before dark…why not.
 Cheers to Pizza e Birra!  The boys and their fancy, fruity drinks. This mixologist had skills.
And you can't beat their authentic Neapolitan style wood-fired piizzzzaaaa.
In keeping with the Italian theme, it was off to our favorite sweet spot (and 50 other people in line with the same idea) for gelato!  A great night.
The next morning, we hit the ground running, starting at Bronte beach for an Aussie brunch.  
With happy bellies, we started the coastal cliff walk to Bondi…taking in the views along the way.
And of course posing for pictures!
 Love this set of action shots…tough guy thought he was all brave to get out on the rock…until a huge wave ran him away!  The waves were the biggest I have ever seen them here.
 We made it!  Beach time it is.  And out of all the spots we could have picked to set up camp, it happened to be right behind a dear friend and my yoga instructor!  Such a great surprise for the day. Us girls baked in the sun while the boys jumped waves.
 We went from lying on the beach in our swimmers to dining at one of Sydney's best steakhouses within one hour flat!  Don't we clean up nicely?  We were impressed with our timing…and thoroughly enjoyed our meal and company.  
The night continued place being too snooty and charging too much for their drinks and another too crowded to stand.  So, back to our place it was!  We were happy to have our other friends join in on the fun and celebrate their last night.
Such a bittersweet ending to their stay!  

This week I was sad to miss three very important gatherings…Grandma Scherwin's birthday party, my bro-in-law's birthday, and soon to be Mrs. Carroll's bridal shower.  

It's times like these when I really appreciate Facebook and iMessage.  I have never depended so much on technology to feel connected!  And thanks to my sis and girlfriends for always keeping me in the loop.  Tomorrow R and I are hopping in the rental car for a road trip down south along the coast for the Easter weekend.  Should be an adventure.  Many blessings to everyone this Easter and love to all!

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