Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April Showers

This morning I woke up to the shocking news of The Boston Marathon explosions.  There have been a lot of things said on social media sites, so I don't feel like exacerbating the topic.  

But, I will say that once again after seeing a tragedy like this unfold in America from afar is alarming.  By taking a "foreigner's" perspective and watching the Australian news coverage, I am so saddened for our country and the violence that has been shown lately.  It's hard to feel safe anywhere now and that's the reality R and I will be facing when we move back and fear for our future children.  I have noticed that the Australian government and media are always so supportive and in tune with what is going on in the U.S.  My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims' families, the injured, and the medical staff and volunteers helping at the scene. 

On another note, I wanted to share this picture that my grandmother emailed me the other day.  
This is a page out of a Montgomery Ward's Catalog in 1934…it puts into perspective how much change can occur over an 80 year period.  $1.98 for loafers (which are back in style) and $2.98 for a silk gown.  What a steal!             

The past two weeks...
Weeknight shenanigans.  Opera Kitchen for dinner.
To the world it's a full moon, but to me it goes way beyond that.  A ferry ride home I will never forget!
Where does an unmarked door in an alley way lead you to? The Baxter Inn.  Duh!
…followed with perfect sushi at Toko and a movie to complete our date night. We always have fun with these two!
Emergency!  Last week I woke up to Teddy looking pitiful with one eye closed shut.  After a few hours of no change, Anne and I rushed him to the vet where he was poked and traumatized all to find out that he was okay.  A foreign object must have irritated it and enabled a pain response which was healed with some anti-inflammatory meds.  The next day he decided to be stubborn while I was making the bed…so I made him part of the pillow display.  Fair enough.  
A week of chocolate experiences with Anne and her Japanese friend that we are helping learn english.  We enjoyed our tea paired with a fancy chocolate and mousse.  
Random moments.  
Admiring my new sandals, dumpling love, an owl on our street corner, Queen Mary cruise ship in port, and a fluffy cotton candy sunset.  
We have been meaning to invite our neighbor and dog sitter, Anne, over for dinner and finally got around to it!  I love this action shot that R got of me teaching her how to use a potato ricer all while cuddling Teddy.  Such a special lady and a wonderful friendship we have developed!
Using my new Fresh and Light cookbook by Donna Hay, I served Lemon and Mozzarella Roasted Chicken with Green Beans and Garlic Mashed Potatoes for a classic dinner.  We enjoyed her company and need to have her over more often! And you can tell that Teddy doesn't mind the attention either.
Rain or shine….the view never gets old.  Rain seems to be the current theme in April.  Unfortunately for us here, April showers do not bring May flowers like the saying goes.
 To go with the rainy days, I whipped up some Chicken Tortilla Soup to keep us going for the week.  I always tend to make double for leftover lunches but R always forgets to bring his to work so it's more for me!
Last week in the kitchen was all about leftover produce and meat...
A hearty bowl of spaghetti bolognese and salad, roasted peppers and chicken kebabs, vegetable stir fry and brown rice, and breakfast for dinner.  

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