Monday, April 22, 2013

Miss Independent

The cliche phrase "absence makes the heart grow fonder"…blah blah blah…hate to say that it's the truth.  Just a few short years ago (seven to be I feel old) R and I put our relationship to the test by doing the long distance thing our first year of college.  Well, we all know how that one eventually turned out.  Even though it was tremendously tough being apart during that crucial year (yes that's what I blame my "freshman fifteen" curse on), I stand by the fact that it was THE best thing we ever did for ourselves, and in turn, our relationship.  

Here we are now, attached at the hip, and spending more quality time together than we ever have. So, when R was gone all last week for work travel, I had a freak out moment.  I haven't been alone alone like this for a while now (please don't judge).  It was only four days, but it taught me a lot!
1.  I can be independent..and enjoy it!
2.  Having R gone made me even more appreciative of what we have and what he does for us.
3.  Living alone, I can get away with being more lazy around the house..but it also makes me more motivated to get stuff done at the same time. 
4.  I am helpless when it comes to feeding myself a substantial meal.  Let's be real, I only cook for R's satisfaction.  
5. Life is better with my partner.
I found myself doing those extra little things that I always think, "wouldn't that be lovely if I"...poured myself a cup of tea…made a fresh pumpkin soup…picked up coffee and snuggled in bed by candlelight…went to the beach alone to people watch, etc.  Insert any other cheesy thing you can think of.  I did it.  
I also did this. Organized my teeny tiny space of my so called closet.  I give it two weeks before it becomes a black hole again…
Teddy also struggled without his partner in crime.  He kept R's spot warm in bed at night and looked forward to late night FaceTime chats.  Maybe it was a lack of male dominance, but he seriously was so stubborn to the point that he assumed this [see third pic] position when I tried to put a leash on him to go outside.  I give up.  
If you really want to know what our sleeping arrangements are like when R is home, see above.  No joke.  Whoever came up with this sketch must have had us in mind.  
I think Anne "felt bad" for my pitiful self and invited me over for dinner one night.  I love that she still gets out her nicest china and goes into entertainer mode for me. We had a beautifully plated chicken curry with rice and veggies.  
We also had time to catch up with Belinda and Emilio.  She drove us to Balmoral Beach, where we had a picturesque picnic lunch and playtime!  I couldn't get over how lovely it was.  
The little guy is almost one already!!  Such a cutie with a big personality. He mastered eating chips with a fork and sharing them with Teddy.  What a giver.  We also had surprise guests show up…a family of kookaburras!  Only in Australia.
We lucked out with beautiful sunny weather and had a great afternoon. I can't wait to go back to this quaint spot!
Who knew sunglasses could be so entertaining?!  I love watching the mother and son bond they share.
After a week away, we were ready to have R back.  He surprised me with breakfast in bed and then it was off to the park for the day!  Guys, I think my husband has officially become a man.  He likes coffee…and I do too now for that matter.  What is Australia doing to us?                               
We also checked out Manly last weekend…and got our mexican food fix.  And what were the odds that we sat next to a couple from Dallas who just moved to our neighborhood in Sydney?! Small world.  
The sky on the ferry ride back.  Ombre effect.
The sweetest.
Date night at Hugos Manly!  We can't wait to go back.  And for no reason, R gave me this cute card and opal earrings! I couldn't get over how thoughtful it was…and that he picked them out all by himself.  Or was it Kevin Bacon? Ha.  I'll let you decide…
The West, Texas plant explosion made the front page of Sydney's Daily Telegraph.  See, I told you that the Aussies care about our news.  Anne always points this out to me..this time we were shopping for groceries when she found the paper.  I am so saddened for the close community of West, but it is encouraging to see so many people reaching out to help in times of disaster.
This week in the kitchen:
Strawberry Banana Breakfast Sandwich for a sweet Saturday morning surprise for the hubby
Quinoa Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Scotch Fillet (even better as leftovers).
My best friend celebrated her 25th birthday last week…and it was the first one I have missed in seven years!!  I will admit that I shed a few tears with her over a FaceTime session when it hit me that I wasn't going to be there for her.  When I went back through my pictures to find a few for this post, I couldn't believe it….all of her cakes from 19-24 years perfectly telling a different story.  None can top her 19th bday…the infamously slaughtered "eiffel tower" cake that ended in tears.  You had to be there.
I am so lucky to have this incredibly caring, loyal, and hilarious friend in my life!  My college roomie and sweet friend also celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago.  I couldn't help but laugh when I came across this picture from her 21st birthday dinner.  In college, our group of girlfriends always went above and beyond to make everyones birthday special and memorable.  None will compare.


  1. Great kookaburra pic. More bird pictures please, those wacky Aussie birds are my favorite.

  2. I love it how you two love each other so much! So sweet you missing him, and loved that he surprised you with a sweet gift...even though he knows that all you need is him! I'm so lucky to have you both in our lives...can't wait to Kenzi is in Austin...gonna spoil her a little! and Pres! Miss you! Wish I could come visit you, it looks amazing!

  3. haha. That sleeping picture! All those pictures are exactly Chara, our dog, too! Except Chara's huge! She takes up the majority of the bed! So spoiled.