Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Summer's End

This whole living on the water and a stones throw from iconic beaches really works with the summer thing.  To me, summers used to be running through the sprinklers in our front lawn, riding our bikes through the neighborhood until dusk, and eating watermelon for breakfast.  While all of those things bring back wonderful memories, I can now understand how Aussies take the summer season to a new level.  The city comes alive.  Festivals, beaches, boats, concerts, shows, markets, patios….all thrive here in the sunshine.  Now, it has come to an end. I will always cherish my first Sydney summer….this season was oh so good to us, packed with weekend adventures, amazing visitors, and fun times.  While there is still plenty of sunshine, the nights have turned cooler and life seems to be slowing down.  Maybe that's a good thing.  

Last weekend, we celebrated a friend's birthday at her family's cute beach house!  A beautiful 2 hour drive took us south to Jervis Bay for the celebration.  It still baffles R and I that you can feel transported to another country within a 2 hour drive from the city.  
Cheers!  Happy (real) birthday to Izzy today.  
Good friends and great memories.  The trip was short but sweet.
Late night fun on the beach!  I would call that human pyramid a success.  Trivial pursuit on the other hand..won't even go there.
One last hooray for summer on the sailboat!  We feel pretty spoiled.
We finally had perfect weather, sunshine, and clear skies for the boat.
Happy with our yummy burgers and chocolate cake!
The crew. Couldn't have asked for a prettier sunset to end the day.  Maybe one of these days I will actually learn how to sail...
Trying to be a good wife by ironing…but all I wanted to do was get outside and explore with the pup.
Afternoon picnic for one two (if you count Teddy).  Our spot in the shade was perfect for reading and glancing at the opera house.  
Days like this make me realize how lucky I am to have the freedom to just be.
Some special people that I am celebrating lately.
My Mema just had a milestone birthday and I just love this picture she sent of her and my Grandad with her cake.  True love.
My best friend and college roomie not only just celebrated a birthday, but also an acceptance into Auburn University's PhD Clinical Psychology program.  I am beyond proud of her and look forward to visiting once she gets settled in!  
And then you have those lifelong friends where the relationship is effortless and nothing changes no matter the distance and time spent apart.  We have known each other since we were four years old, and now I am celebrating her 25th birthday today!  Sending my love to Colorado…
Also, my little B just turned one and I seriously cannot believe it!  I'm so sad to have missed his "The Lucky One" birthday party on St. Patricks Day (how cute is that theme?!). 
We just said au revoir to the most amazing house guests ever!  Our friends from college stopped through Sydney over the weekend on their tour of Australia and we just had a blast.  It was so nice to spend some alone time with them and show them a condensed version of the city.  More pics to come of their whirlwind weekend...

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  1. Just saw this somehow...thanks for the shout out! Love and miss you!