Monday, February 25, 2013

Party Of Five

I guess you could say we have just been having too much fun...and that explains me waiting until now to blog about our visitors' trip!  We kicked Ronnie's dad, stepmom, and sis off to Queenstown, New Zealand for the week ahead until they return to Sydney this weekend before heading back home (yes, you should feel very bad for them!).  

Now that we've had three sets of visitors, R and I realize that our experiences with each of them have been far from the same.  The exact same city and beautiful locations bring new experiences with fresh eyes.  Extra bonus for R and I!  We love seeing our visitors reactions when they first walk onto our balcony or learn to ride the train for the first time. That constant reminder that it wasn't too long ago that we were right there with them….and how far we have come in this short six months adapting to our new surroundings.  One thing is for sure, though.  The view never gets old.  
We couldn't wait to show these three around town!  R's dad has been before, so we were anxious to see if the city was like he remembered.  Also, we decided that we don't like the term "step" as it gives a negative connotation…I'm just sayin'.  
Have I mentioned that we don't go easy on our visitors?!  After a happy greeting at the airport, a nauseous cab ride, and a clean up and wardrobe change, we were off to conquer the city as a family!  
A walk across the bridge led us to an afternoon open air market and a few drinks.  We wouldn't let Teddy miss out on all the fun either.  Then it was back to the neighborhood via ferry, where the boat was named after that pretty blonde above.  She wasn't excited about it at all!
Take-away indian food in our pjs was a good choice for a relaxed and jet lagged evening in.
A rainbow over the opera house, no big deal.  We took them to see Sarah Blasko with the Sydney International Orchestra, and even though none of us had ever heard her music, we all enjoyed it.  She has a unique tone and style and was actually quite shy and humbled by the experience.  
Perfectly Paddington.  Fresh bread, boutique shops, cool architecture, and THE Lon-Don.  
Like father, like son.  Betting on horse races and playing pinball at the pub on the same game that R's dad grew up with!  This is what a Tuesday afternoon should look like...
Ok, you caught us.  R and I are on a total detox this week after eating too well.  That would include this amazing gelato from Messina.  Obsessed.  
Sunny day in the gardens for Tropfest, the worlds largest short film festival.  We were some of the first ones to show up to this popular event that eventually filled the park with picnic blankets and people by sunset.  
Since we couldn't go without a meal (duh), we left our blanket/spot at the festival only to return a few hours later with a packed house and a random girl with "our spot" wrapped around her.  Serves us right.  
Ferry rides are fun!  
Just ask R's dad who was befriended by a very disturbed drunk man while the rest of us watched and giggled in disbelief.   It was 2 pm on a Monday mind you.  
Love Watsons Bay! Pretty views everywhere you turn.  O, and more food of course.  And flying dogs.  
More take-away food (thai this time) on the balcony!  Just in time for the sunset.
It's no joke that the sun is more intense here.  Even with the many sunscreen stops along our cliff walk, our skin still hates us.  We didn't let that stop us, though.  
Our "functionally functional" family (minus a few!)
Beach time at Bondi!!
After a long day in the sun, we opted for cooking fresh and light at home!  Watch out, the three of us girls make a good team in the kitchen.  On the menu…fish tacos with sautéed peppers, avocado salsa, garden salad, and fruit.  

The house sure was quiet around here today, but I will be able to catch up this week before we enjoy another fun last weekend with them!  After that, I will share part two of our adventures that includes the harbour bridge climb, sailing, and wine country.  Life is good.  

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