Sunday, February 17, 2013

Color Me Pretty

This week was full of color…starting off with Sydney's first Color Run 5K event.   
I have always seen pictures of these runs and thought they looked super fun so we were interested to see for ourselves.  While we enjoyed our company and the silliness of the event, it didn't exceed our expectations.
Maybe it was the hot sun beating down or the 1.5 hour wait just to get to the start line or the fact that there was no water along the way.  We still made the best of it and had fun with our friends!
Afterwards, we treated ourselves to a trip to the famous Harrys Cafe De Wheels for some pies.  Like Americans do hot dogs and burgers, Aussies do meat pies. Add some mash, peas, or gravy on top and you really start to become a true local.  Super healthy after our run...
Photography assignment of the week: exploring color to convey a particular mood
Same subject, different white balance settings on the camera make for different tones and feelings.

More photography!  This time helping my friend shoot and style a pastry chef's creations.  We were tempted by the homemade marshmallows and rocky road, but we managed to get some great shots before taste "testing" them.  She definitely showed me the perks of getting to work from home..and we managed to have a lot of laughs and fun along the way.  I just love the flexibility and go at your own pace attitude that allows you to be creative and relaxed.  
Valentines Day…over commercialized, cheesy, and cliche comes to mind.  R and I have never been big on the holiday, but we always end up doing something special for each other to show our love.  We both agree that appreciation for your loved ones shouldn't be reserved for February 14th…cheesy I know, but true.  To start the day right, I surprised R with strawberry pancakes and scrambled eggs before sending him off to work.  After work, I came home to a beautiful bouquet of garden roses and some goodies.   
Then we celebrated with the other cliche couples at Garfish with a delicious 3 course dinner.  Prawn and scallop croquettes, grilled barramundi and potato and leek gratin, and passionfruit brûlée. A perfectly romantic evening.  
 Loving our neighborhood flower shop around this time!
Teddy had an eventful week as you can see.  He got a flower stuck on his eye and made a trip to the groomer, which always exhausts him.  Rough life.

Look who has arrived!!!  We greeted R's dad, stepmom, and sis at the airport yesterday morning and have been going ever since.  Updates to come on our adventures soon!  

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