Monday, November 5, 2012

Life's A Beach

I stumbled upon this quote this Monday morning…half awake while browsing pinterest in bed before my brain decided to turn on.  As soon as I processed the words and what the author meant, it really resonated with me. Here I am in this place, given extraordinary opportunities, and all I was looking for in the first couple of months was to feel "comfortable" in this new home.  Ok, not all I was looking for…but by feeling comfortable and at peace in this place, I thought that meant I was "doing well".  Not so fast.  While I am starting to find and understand the feeling of true peace within myself, I should be challenged by my faith in ways that aren't always comfortable.  And I think thats ok.  
 I cannot get enough of these Jacaranda trees.  They are EVERYWHERE and in full bloom, falling onto the sidewalks to make a gorgeous purple scene.  The pictures just don't do them justice.
 Just another Tuesday walk in the neighborhood…a movie set!  I knew something wasn't right when I first spotted the vintage cars..then the security..and then all the actors scattered around the park in their 50's wardrobes! 
Photography class homework.  Something so basic, but I never thought about.  In the first shot, I moved really far away from my subject using a long angle lens (zooming in) and then moved really close to the same subject using a wide angle lens.  The subjects are almost the same size in these photos, but check out what the camera captured behind the subject.  It is amazing that this small difference in positioning and lens selection can really change a scene!  
 Teddy's week…insisting to sit on the balcony when I am home during the day, being stubborn not to move when I am making the bed so he gets made into it, and spontaneous Saturday naps with me!  (oops, it was so glorious though).
 Friday night happy hour fun! Lets just leave it at that and let the pictures do the talking..
Very professional.  Had to share these candid close-ups.
 Bungalow 8 on Darling Harbour and then karaoke at Strike bowling bar!
 Are we on vacation?!  That's what we were asking ourselves this weekend at the beach!  It is still quite an adjustment to live in a city revolved around water.  A twenty minute ferry ride took us to Manly Beach, where we "wasted the day away" laying out on the sand.  I need to learn the rules on becoming a "beach babe"…
In true Aussie stereotype, we saw plenty of surfer dudes, lifeguards, and VW Kombie vans.  

This week in the kitchen:
Skinny Enchiladas with Black Beans and Guacamole
Do you sense a theme? I tried cooking on a budget this week so a lot of my ingredients were interchangeable and not gone to waste!
Another gem from pinterest..story of our lives.  
Does anyone else feel the same or do you think its wrong to let the dog sleep in bed with you?!


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  1. Loved the post (as usual)!! My 2 little chihuahuas used to sleep in my bed but I started to kennel them at night when I started dating my husband. I just had a sense it would be better. The pups don't mind. They have each other to cuddle with. To each (owner) his own way. Enjoy! :-D