Friday, November 9, 2012

Slow Down

What a great quote to carry me through the week.  Since moving to Sydney, my life has really slowed down in a lot of ways.  I am so thankful that I have had the time and peace to reflect on the things that truly mater most.  It is a daily struggle, though.  Isn't it just so easy to go about our days, filling our time with stressful tasks an useless junk that doesn't mean anything to us?!  
Can I just say that being "away" from the US elections was a weird experience.  I had planned to watch the race live, but accidentally found out by going on Facebook randomly.  Bad move.  Not only did I find out who won the election, but I also discovered something else very upsetting.  Hate. Anger.  Foolishness.  I have seriously had to remove myself from the website and all the disgusting comments.  I think we can all learn from this and know that no matter what the outcome, we must all stand together united.  Doing the opposite is only going to create more hatred and greed in a country where we are already struggling…and take us away from the things that matter most!
 This is what happens when I am exploring with my camera in tow for my photography class homework assignment…I keep getting distracted by all the beautiful purple blooms lining the streets!  Up above, straight ahead, down below, falling on my head...
My sweet husband picked these lovely things up for me after work…and I couldn't wait to snap some pics of them to show him what I learned in class that day!  After learning the basics of aperture and shutter speed, I cranked that camera dial from automatic to manual.  Bam.  Scary, I know.  And look at the simple but positive result.  The photo on the top was captured with a manual setting while the bottom picture was shot by the washed out flash and sometimes failing automatic setting.  What a difference!  I still have SO much to learn…and don't even mention photoshop.  Haven't crossed that bridge yet.
 Melbourne Cup Day!  aka "the race that stops a nation".  Think of the Kentucky Derby, but bigger.  The race day is a public holiday for some parts of Australia and is always guaranteed to be a party with particular attention to fashion. I found my fascinator for only $30!  Im sure the Duchess would not approve..but it was fun anyways.  R's office celebrated with a four-course lunch.. and we managed to watch the race and place a few bets (since gambling is legal here).  
Is this just not the coolest?  Fresh sea scallops bought at our local seafood market with shells still intact. I served the pan-seared scallops on a bed of wilted spinach, shallots, and brown rice.  It was one of the quickest meals to whip up, so don't get discouraged by the deceivingly complicated dish.  And the sunset sure turned out for us as we enjoyed our meal.
 Too much Teddy.  He is such a poser for the camera, though, that I just can't resist.  I think he wishes we would sit on the balcony all night...

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  1. I've never commented on your blog but your quote showed me how Pinterest makes the world a very small place...Because that guy goes to my church..and I know you're not Mormon... It's from a sermon he gave.

    If you liked the quote then you might like the sermon. Google "Of Things That Matter Most" if you want to read it. Don't worry, it's not really Mormon-y. It's just a good talk. He's a pilot so he compares things to flying a lot. It talks about taking our lives back to basics.

    He gave a really good one in October on living without regrets and resolving to be happy. It's also a good one ("Of Regrets and Resolutions"). He is one of my favorite speakers.