Thursday, November 22, 2012

Two Plus Teddy Plus Two

The time has come…and going by very quickly I might add!  The plus two duo arrived on Saturday with much anticipation.  What a feeling to have our first visitors in this new city we call home.  As much as this blog allows us to share our everyday life with everyone back in America, it is another thing to have our loved ones experience it with us.  Like the saying goes "the photograph doesn't do it justice"..well, it really is true.  I think the boys are starting to understand why we love this place so much.  Even the little things that we have become accustomed to in the past four months like riding the ferry into work or watching boats pass from our living room window.  Our house guests are reminding us of the feelings we first had when seeing the harbour and the iconic opera house.  We have conquered so much of the city already and even enjoyed a trip within a trip (as we called it) to Cairns and diving in the Great Barrier Reef.  Yes, we all survived without a shark bite much to my worry.  I have so many pictures to share, but for now, just a few to give you a sneak peak of what we have been up to!  
Welcome to Sydney!  Welcome basket, airport greeting, and first ferry ride in the harbour.  Such a joy for me to see these boys together again.  I feel right at home.  
You may notice, someone stole R's look.  Not because he chose to, but because he had no other choice!  We had a slight hiccup when both of their bags turned up lost for 30 hours, but luckily to be returned before heading out to Cairns.  Good thing they are so easy going and didn't make a fuss (and that they fit into R's clothes perfectly!).  Ross wanted me to make this disclosure as to why he was dressed like a "yuppy" and not in his normal handball tshirt, athletic shorts, and flip flop attire. R thinks it was a good thing to get him to dress his age..the debate is ongoing.
Solo snapshots…the opera house from out and in, mosman cove, and the harbour bridge.
More or less the same thing…different dude.
 Our happy crew!  This was after a tour of the opera house and dinner at opera bar.  No jet lag for these guys!  
Me and the boys.  Let me tell you ladies...while it can be difficult to be outnumbered by all the testosterone, sports, and guy talk, I am learning to use these things to my advantage. I discovered this trip that being the only woman means never carrying a bag, camera, phone, etc…and I can get away with whatever I darn well please.  Thank ya very much.  I don't even feel the least bit guilty. (I did just make them fresh blueberry muffins for goodness sakes!)
Brotherly bonding!  We were all saying how nice this trip has been to spend so much quality time together that we haven't had in a long time (maybe never!).  Trying to cherish every minute.  

Reflecting.  Literally.  Love this!
All smiles!
 Taking over the zoo.  I will be sharing tons of pictures and our weeks worth of activities and adventures soon!  Tomorrow we plan on sleeping in and having a relaxing day at the beach after a busy few days.  Then, we will celebrate Thanksgiving from afar on Friday complete with classic home cooked dishes and football of course!  Don't think I could talk them out of that one. Sad to be missing the TCU vs UT game in Austin, but it will be fun to watch on TV with the guys.  
Happy Thanksgiving to all our family and friends! We have so much to be thankful for, although it is not currently fall nor are we celebrating the harvest…but in the tradition of it all.  Instead of pumpkins and turkeys, its beaches and palm trees here.  
And since I'm behind from last week...
Photography class was all about shutter speed and artistic effects…so much to play around with!  By lengthening the shutter speed, you get this effect of movement and a more accurate interpretation to how our eye actually sees the image. 
While R was away last week, I enjoyed lots of greens and casual meals in.  Lucky for me, there was a lot of action going on in the harbour.  One night I was treated to a free fireworks show and the next morning a "private" Coldplay concert.  It was pretty surreal waking up to music playing in the distance then going outside to find a helicopter, security boats, a gorgeous yacht, and stage set up where the song "Yellow" was echoing across the opera house.  
Brunch for one at a cozy cafe.  Sweet Baby E and his gorgeous mom came to play on Thursday!  Teddy was so curious and happy to have them over.  We had such a wonderful day together and I am thankful that B got us out for some shopping and girl fun!  The perks of having a car haha.  We even made a spontaneous stop to get his first pics with the mall santa (which he was so sweet and cooperative..success!).  
Cheers!!  We had a fun time celebrating Jenny's birthday in a private room at a yummy indian restaurant.  I couldn't resist and had to make this cute banner to spice up the room for the wonderful birthday girl!  

I hope everyone enjoys the extended weekend and time with their loved ones!  We sure are so far.  Missing everyone from home this holiday.  Never take these precious times for granted!

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