Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Real Food

Alright folks, I need to know your thoughts about food.  Not just any food…I'm talkin' "clean food", organics, natural foods.  R and I have been talking about our diets lately and trying to pay more attention to what we are putting into our bodies. It is pretty alarming if you think about it.  Up until now, I have been eating foods that "taste good" and satisfy my cravings.  I wouldn't consider myself an unhealthy eater, but I never really put that much thought into it otherwise (thanks to my young age/ fast metabolism). 
After reading up on ways to "eat clean" and all that encompasses, maybe I have become victim to being a processed food junkie and sugar loving maniac all this time?! Hmm it's all just so confusing. Check out this blog, 100 days of real food, to see what this family of four pledged to do (and has now gained national popularity for their lifestyle change).  For me, its not about the losing weight.  Not only do I want the benefits of sustained energy, clearer skin, and less mood swings ( i.e. sugar withdrawals!), but more importantly, I want to be proactive in protecting this body I have been given and potentially lowering my risk for disease (especially with my family medical history..can you say paranoid!!)  

So, I will continue to ponder this lifestyle transition….slipping from time to time with a spoonful of nutella…in hopes that we can someday make it a habit of choice in our house!  And I quote from my naive intuitive husband a few days ago, "If we know that certain foods are bad for us, then why does everyone ignore the supporting research and still eat it?!"  Think about that. I'm guilty as charged on all accounts that is for sure…and not proud of it.  Anyone else?

Ok, now that I have made everyone feel guilty and annoyed about "food talk"…moving on to our mindless weekend recap.
 Friday happy hour with R's office poolside in a private cabana! We are so lucky to be a part of the "family"…and the fact they include me in everything.  I've never been such a "clingy" wife, but I'm getting used to it…and like it!
Saturday at the Surry Hills Festival.  Live music, great food (i.e. fiesta corn fritters pictured bottom right), and cute market shops.  R got a candid of me sifting through handmade moroccan leather purses.  
Gorgeous sunny day to sit on the lawn and people watch at the festival.  We both felt like we were transported back to our hometown of Austin for the day…and that made us happy! 
And a great way to end the day…Game Night!  Our friends have the perfect place for entertaining and it's always a good time.  Fancy cheeses and fruit spread, hand rolled sushi, rice cakes, and peanut butter choc chip blondies were shared.  
 Caught in the act this week...R and Teddy reading on the balcony, a sailboat through the trees in the distance, sunset walk close to home, enjoying the summer weather and cool breeze.  

This week in the kitchen:
Fresh Blueberry Muffins. No judging as this is packed with "uncleanness"... sugar, saturated fats, and processed white flour. Oops, but so yummy!  
Tofu sausages with grilled onions and spinach on a whole wheat pita.  And I was so sneaky as to not tell R about the mystery meat until he finished his last bite! Although he enjoyed it, he requests that "the next time you cook tofu, just don't tell me."  Fair enough.  Me, on the other hand, didn't quite enjoy the alternative meat source.
Thought for food was pan seared salmon on top of a bed of Fennel, cabbage, and citrus slaw with brown rice.  Surprisingly hearty and healthy!  
And I keep forgetting to tell you, but I started a beginners photography class at a community college! It is a seven week program where I attend once a week during the day, which I am two classes in so far.   I'm afraid that it's not going to be enough time to learn all that I want with my camera and photography, but it's a starting place!  The pic above was one of my homework assignments.  Maybe this will encourage me to get out and capture my surroundings more often!  

Have a great week!  

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