Friday, October 12, 2012

As If We Had Never Left..

..Texas.  I must admit, I was little anxious going back home for the first time for many reasons.  I was afraid that visiting home would cause me to be so homesick that I wouldn't want to go back to Australia.  Also, what if my family and friends didn't like the "new me" per se and our relationships felt different?  How was I going to see everyone that I wanted spanning across all of Texas in such a short amount of time?  I guess its an interesting experience getting a "tease" of life back in Dallas after only being gone for three months.  But once I hit those sliding doors through customs and hugged my sister, everything was alright.  We appreciate our families for meeting us in Dallas or somewhere along the road!  Too bad we couldn't be everywhere!
Happy mom!  Having brunch on the patio.  We missed you Tim!  
Breakfast at Cracker Barrel with some of my favorite people!  Don't know where I would be without them.  We sure enjoyed those rocking chairs and southern cooking!
My beautiful and strong grandmother, Gappy. We enjoyed meeting her at "our spot" one morning for some quality time. For some reason, I got too excited and forgot to take a picture of our dinner in FW with my Uncle and Aunt and cousins! Darn.  We had a good time, though, with lots of great things ahead for the family!  Please pray for my cousin who started his career with Dallas Fire Rescue today!!  
 Guy time!  R enjoyed the Cowboys game with his Dad, bro, and J…even though they lost!  What a great day to catch up, tailgate, and get back into American sports.  I know R was sure missing going to the games!  We then enjoyed dinner as a family on a rooftop deck with the sun setting in the distance.
Long lunch dates are our specialty!  Love catching up with this friend who keeps me in check and supports me immensely.  
True supporters of the horned frogs..rain or shine!  Starting a new fashion trend in those slimming ponchos.  Lets just say that the girls almost made it to halftime.  Apparently we hopped in a "party cab" complete with Michael Jackson tunes and the music video to accompany it.  Interesting..
Celebrating game day indoors (as it rained non stop all day) with good food and great friends!!
My visit wouldn't be complete without a stop to see my growing baby b's!  You might recognize the oldest as the ring bearer in our wedding.  We are so blessed to have this FW family in our lives!
Another must was lunch at McKinleys with my sis per usual.  We took things outdoors and enjoyed a picnic at the botanical gardens!
Dinner with the twosome at Woodshed and then drinks with my sisters sweet friend!  Always good to spend time in FW! I think I most enjoy laying around in my sisters day bed (which happened to be mine in college) and reminiscing of college life.
CM gelato..and pumpkins!  At least I could experience the beginnings of fall as we are in spring here.

What a whirlwind week it was, but wonderful.  Looking forward to seeing everyone again in December!  

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