Thursday, October 25, 2012


I don't know about you, but I have been jamming to the new Taylor Swift 'Red' album while cooking in the kitchen since it came out!  Judge me if you want.  One song in particular makes me think of my little sis….who will celebrate her 22nd birthday tomorrow!!!  How fitting?!  Also, the number 22 holds a lot of meaning to us and our mother.  So, I hope that her birthday will be extra special as it should be!  
My little sister…wow, what are the words?!  Just a few short years ago I was playing mommy's little helper, changing her diapers, and driving her around the cul-de-sac in our pink barbie convertible.  
Now, she is teaching me about love, forgiveness, and compassion.  In less than a year, she will be set "free" from her college bubble life and embark on a new chapter.  A scary thought for me, but exciting to know that I will get to continue and watch her grow into the eloquent woman that our parents raised her to be.  
This young woman may seem to have been given "it all" with those big blue eyes, gorgeous blonde hair, and radiating smile (can you sense the jealousy I have hehe).  Behind all of that, though, is a girl who had to grow up too fast.  A girl who was always "beyond her years", but after experiencing deep loss and tragedy, she was more so than ever.  My sister and I have always been best friends/attached at the hip, and never really started arguing with each other until my senior year in high school.  Now, more so than ever, I appreciate our deep sister bond and love for one other that is unlike any other.  Once tested by tragedy, and now, using those life experiences to grow as person who can give back to the community and help others.  I am so blessed to have this beautiful person in my life.
Happy birthday, Kenz!  You make me proud.  
 ..even from the other side of the world!!

Thanks for supporting R and I in our journey!  Hate that I can't be there to watch you blow out your candles.  

On to less important things, this week has been all about routine.  Walking Teddy in the morning, yoga mid afternoon, cooking dinner at home, enjoying our meals and nightly chats on the balcony, late walks together with Teddy after the sunset, Big Brother (yes, we are hooked and we only have a few more weeks to go!), and early bedtime!  This is a new development for us as our life in Dallas was anything but structured.  Every night was a different obligation or dinner with friends (which we miss that part) and midnight bedtimes, but don't you just love quiet weeks like this sometimes?!  We sure are.  
Yes ladies, this is what I walked into last night…R giving Teddy a blow dry after his bath. Hahaha I couldn't get over it.  Look at those angelic faces..just spending some "dude time" together I guess.  
And this little gem…is always parked in front of our building!  Lucky me.  I stare into it every time I walk by and have fallen more in love with the baby blue and vintage vibe each time I see it.  

This week in the kitchen:
 (Skinny Italian) Turkey Meatballs with Spinach baked on a whole wheat pita and Gwyneth Paltrow's No-Fry Fries.  (I combined two different meatball recipes, hence the two different links).  These were a major hit with R!  On his last bite, he said "what are these green things in here?!" Spinach success!
Chicken and Dumplings a la Martha Stewart.
One of my favorite dishes I have made yet!  And somewhat healthier than a traditional Chicken Pot Pie (which I love!)

Have a great Halloween weekend everyone!  Feels weird not seeing pumpkins and festive decorations everywhere.  I wonder if we will have any trick-or-treaters?! 


  1. Sarah and I were talking the other day about how much we love reading these! Thanks for keeping us updated on ya'lls wonderful adventure! Love you both! -Heather Walker