Thursday, July 12, 2012

Saying our Goodbyes

What we have been up to lately....

Last day of work. Bittersweet. Going to miss my Baylor co-workers! Retiring my navy scrubs for now.
Reuniting with Teddy after our two week house hunting trip to Sydney. Thanks for keeping him, Grammy and Gramps! I can't imagine going three months without seeing him this time around..

Weekend getaway with friends to Horseshoe Bay, where all of my favorite childhood memories are. The trip wouldn't be complete without a day spent at the Yacht Club and a stop at Blue Bonnet Cafe. 

I was lucky enough to spend a few days with each of my grandparents..all to myself!  We missed Ronnie, but he has this thing called a job that I guess is pretty important..

First stop, Abilene to see Mema and Grandad.  My Aunt and Uncle were generous enough to drive in for dinner one night amidst their busy schedules and we made the rounds to see special extended family and a close friend. I always enjoy my time in the town my mom grew up and the house she was raised in.  So many wonderful memories there.  Our family dog, Abby, has been well taken care of in Abilene. She is in love with Grandad and will not leave his sight. 

Then, I was off to Denton to visit my Gappy.  We had so much fun together around town square, ice cream at an old fashioned soda fountain, visiting her hometown of Aubrey and my grandpa's gravesite, and seeing the movie Brave. We got her webcam set up so we can communicate easier, but the highlight of the trip was my sewing and ironing lesson.  Gappy got a kick out of the fact that I had no idea where to begin when threading a needle....hopefully I can do her proud and practice my domestic skills that I have learned from her through the years!

Our hometown of Austin was the next stop!  We were able to celebrate the birthday girl, Ronnie's mother. Charley grilled out and we had a yummy meal at home. Lots of laughs and love.  Also, they always make sure I can go to my favorite childhood places..this time it was margs and enchiladas at Mesa Rosa. I guess you could call me a "spoiled brat".

 We also had the privilege of celebrating Grandma and Grandpa Scherwin's 56th anniversary!  They came all the way from Chicago...and his Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Mike made an appearance too.  It was so nice to visit with them on the patio and enjoy the new pool at Ron and Becky's.  We watched home videos that Ronnie's grandparents brought of their own wedding and their kids growing up...transferred from an 8-track to VHS to DVD.  Pretty amazing.  We also celebrated Ron's birthday a little early..he is sporting his bday gifts from us in the pic below. What a stud.

Girls trip to San Antonio!  Always a second home for me with the Kirk family.

Happy Fourth of July from Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie!  What a great way to spend the day...with close family, the horse races, and an amazing firework show after!  

Have I mentioned that we have great friends?! Well, we do. And leaving has made us realize it even more.  They threw us a "Bon Voyage" party in Uptown, complete with a mexican dinner, private trolley ride for a couple of hours, and night out.  The night was full of cheers and special touches...koala cupcakes made by my sis, personalized koozies, glow sticks, American and Australian flags, and vintage Texas postcards that everyone filled out with a goodbye note and their contact info.  

Packing, packing, and more packing. This time, the movers boxed up the rest of our belongings that will be going to a storage unit in Dallas.  We turned in our keys and said goodbye to our apartment that we loved. Currently homeless and living out of two suitcases each. Thanks to our friends who graciously offered to take us in for the week..and share their beds, food, and space. Sold our car that Ronnie has been driving since we started dating. Said goodbye to Teddy until October when he will be allowed to come and be released from quarantine.  Mean Aussie government...why can't they follow America and let all of the diseases come into their country?! 
Saying our goodbyes......I hate goodbyes.  I would rather, "See you later!".  Maybe I am in denial? I don't know. Whatever it is, Ronnie and I are both ready to get there and settle into our new home.  We have been talking about it for so many months in anticipation, that we are anxious to just take the leap already!!  We will be leaving DFW Friday night and arrive in Sydney on Sunday (the day that Bieber arrives..omg!). Until then, keep us in your prayers for smooth and safe travels.



  1. Grandma & Grandpa ScherwinJuly 12, 2012 at 10:26 PM

    Have a safe journey and enjoy every minute of your adventure. We love you both

  2. I am incredibly joyful and proud that together you are able to make decisions to embrace the magnificent opportunities life offers. Onward to the next chapter in your lives! Your biggest cheerleader loves you! M