Saturday, June 1, 2013

Travelog: Nashville, TN

I miss my Tennessee home…Nashville!  I had the best five days visiting a girlfriend from college (who I hadn't seen in a year and a half) in her hometown on my way back to Sydney.  It wasn't a first visit for me, but I always enjoy driving down the tree lined country roads admiring the beautiful colonial homes and cute shops.  I felt so loved because my dear friend, Katie, took three full days off work to show me around and spend quality time together.  Talk about hostess with the mostess.  The week couldn't have been better…
Home sweet home with perfectly picked peonies, a romantic bedroom fireplace, her precious golden doodle Dolly, and a "haters gonna hate" embroidery wall hanging that served as our trip motto.   
Fresh off my early morning flight, we knew where we would be headed to first…Pancake Pantry.  Regardless of the line wrapped around the building in the pouring rain, we managed with our sweet pancakes and bacon just fine.  More than fine.  After that, the week of getting little to no sleep in Dallas finally hit me.  Bad timing.  Nothing that a nap won't fix, though!  
After a Saturday morning sleep in, we walked with this horse to the neighborhood morning hotspot, Star Bagel.  How convenient and delicious.
An afternoon at Yazoo Brewery was well spent with a fun tasting and tour! Apparently everyone else in N'ville had the same plan.  I'm not much of a beer drinker, but this place gave me a better appreciation for what they do..and it was actually tasty.  
A few of my favorite classics.
Lucky, lucky me…another college friend just so happened to be moving in with Katie for the summer to do her PT clinicals while I was there!  It was SO refreshing to spend time with these two and I will cherish it forever.  Good thing we all love each other, because this duo will be visiting us in Syd come November.  Cannot wait.  
We hit up Arrington Vineyards for a wine tasting and picnic on the grounds for the most relaxing afternoon. 
 We also had to pay a visit to the quaint town square of Franklin for some window shopping and browsing.  My kind of day.
I also scored a chance to see Katie's mothers garden with her peonies in full bloom.  You've gotta time it right as they are only in bloom for a couple of weeks out of the year.  Obsessed.
 Just a normal Monday….cruising on the boat at Katie's lake house.  Some of her friends were sweet enough to take the day off to enjoy with us.  Lucky us!
I seriously felt right at home with her friends and it was so refreshing to meet a group of women who I felt as if I had known for years. And it made me feel better knowing that she has so many wonderful people around her.  More reason to want to move there someday!
The trip wouldn't be complete without catching a show at the historic Ryman Auditorium, the former home of the Grand Ole Opry.  The stained glass windows and wooden church pew seating made this intimate venue extra special. 
It didn't hurt that it was Ellie Goulding in concert! Love her.  She is one of those artists that you really respect more after watching perform live…so talented!  And I wish I were as cool as her…or at least hip enough to be her friend.  Not even close.
I am thankful for a wonderful friendship that has grown closer with tragedy and distance.  People can surprise you and when the two things that can cause you to grow apart actually makes you stronger, that's the making of a great relationship.  
Spotted: Rayna James home from the TV series, Nashville.
After almost a week of being together, we really established a routine and Dolly accepted me as part of the family.  Isn't this pampered pooch the cutest thing you've ever seen?!  Dolly is so goofy, cuddly, and forgets she's the size of a miniature horse.  Loved my cuddle time with her while I was missing Teddy. 
Our last day together was a very special one indeed.  Not only did we drive out to Leiper's Fork for some delicious southern cooking at Puckett's Grocery, but we were granted a bonus when spotting a special someone.  After devouring our fresh buttermilk biscuits and smokehouse slab bacon, Katie had the brilliant idea of turning down some random country road that she thought was pretty.  
(See country road at bottom right).  With our windows rolled down and no other car in sight for miles, there it happened.  Two people walking with their backs to dark haired male and skinny woman with a large brimmed hat.  As we passed, I turned back to catch a glimpse.  Was that Nicole Kidman?!?!  I kept it to myself...until Katie confirmed, "Kelsey, I think that was Nicole."  Remember, we turned down this deserted road eventually needing to turn around to go home.  Good thing.  A few minutes after composing ourselves, we made a quick u-turn and this time we would be face to face.  We were probably going 5 mph and staring obnoxiously because they waved to us as we passed.  The male wasn't Keith btw.  I feel like I could leave Nashville completely satisfied now.  
Of course, storms started rolling through just hours before my flight out.  It was goodbye hugs and see you again soon! Spotted: Scarlett from the TV series, Nashville, at the neighborhood bar down the street from my friends right after I left.  
Borrowed a fun read for traveling.  Pretty L.A. sunset.  Spotted: Connie Britton (Rayna James on the show Nashville) on my flight to LAX.  Geez, could have found the whole cast there!  
And while I was away, R kept me up to date with Teddy's happenings.  Waiting patiently outside the bottle shop, weekend exploring, and sleeping in the sun.  It was lots of kisses when I returned Thursday morning. 

Teddy will be doing the same for R tomorrow when he gets back from another week in Dallas.  In the mean time, my sis, J, and I will continue to enjoy our time together.  Glad I have them to keep me company!

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