Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Life Goes On

Until this week, I haven't been in contact with anyone back home since my visit in May.  A little mental hiatus (and sister time and Fiji fun) if you will.  I'm becoming more comfortable with the realization that "life goes on".  

As much as I love to catch up with friends and the grandmas for a mid week pick me up, its nice to know that we can also do our own thing and that doesn't mean we don't think about one another often.  With that being said, keeping in touch is oh so important when living afar and usually takes plenty of coordinating on both ends! (i.e. Tuesday night at 9 pm your time/ Wednesday at noon my time work?!) Successful relationships are hard work my friends.  I guess they're pretty rewarding too.  

Old archives of the past month...
Plenty of packing and unpacking lately which leads to lots of laundry duty for me.  R has been traveling a lot more frequently for work these days. 
Rain and fog…lots of it!  The winter blues have hit and the weather doesn't seem to be backing down anytime soon.
Which is why I don't feel guilty for picking up a little piece of Paris at Laduree.  
And since I have been alone a lot, I don't mind being the third wheel at brunch with these two...
…or these two.  Anne and Teddy have a sweet relationship and she always seems to take care of us when R is away.  On this particular night, she made a thai curry.  The best part is that she always brings out the china and fancy tablecloth for me.  It's all about the special touches.  
Last month was all about Vivid, a light festival that lit up the city skyline and projected creative colors and images on the opera house and cruise ships in port.  We were lucky enough to have a front row view from our house.  
Instagram happenings @kscherwin...
Thanks to my girlfriends for getting me back in the game (apparently I missed the memo a long time ago that it's now more of a social media site for sharing instead of keeping to yourself).
Any excuse to drive Teddy around town is a treat even if it's for a trip to the vet.
Anne took me to see an impressive private art collection and then to her favorite bookstore where we chatted over cappuccino. 
We enjoyed a yummy Italian meal with the soon to be parents before the show. This is my friend at 7 months pregnant…be jealous because I am.  We can't wait to welcome their little one into the world soon!  
We couldn't turn down their invite to see Chris Tucker perform amidst a packed house.  The night was full of laughs and his impersonations, especially of Michael Jackson, were spot on! 
The next day, Steph put me to work!  I love helping her on clothing shoots and it's a nice change of pace.  After getting out early, she treated me to a lovely lunch over Darling Harbour and then showed me the Sydney Fish Market for the first time.  I can't believe it took me a year to get here!  Living on the coast is such an added bonus knowing that you can get the freshest of seafood..and much cheaper to do so!  I was happy with the beautiful salmon I picked out for dinner.
 I met R in the city after work at a retro pizzeria called Frankie's (the man would be happy eating pizza every day) and then we finally saw The Great Gatsby, which was filmed entirely in Sydney.  
R also had the great joy of being invited to the World Cup qualifying game against Iraq.  He has really enjoyed getting to know and watch other sports and had no problem cheering on the Socceroos as his own.  The city was abuzz after Australia's win and I'm glad R was able to be a part of it!
The tales of Teddy…caught wearing a sweater, using folded laundry as a pillow, falling asleep sitting up, and getting love from our neighbor.
Saturday date night at the theatre.  The production of War Horse was spectacular and quite emotional!  On stage, the horses were of life sized puppets (that sounds so lame but it wasn't like that at all) that were so believable you almost forgot their life sized movements and sound effects were being manipulated by humans.  
Before the show, we treated ourselves to some sweets…at a dessert train!  How cool is this concept?!  Think your classic sushi train, but filled with sugary confections.  Um, yes please.  While the atmosphere was modern and bright, we were unimpressed by the overpriced desserts themselves.  O well, all for the experience and fun!

The weekend of non-stop rain was making us stir crazy, so we took to the streets on Sunday!  I always have this fantasy of being one of those fit couples who jogs (and holds hands, smiling and talking all the while) side by side as an activity to do together.  I'm not making this stuff up…I see these acts being committed all the time so I know it's feasible.  The conclusion is that our afternoon run across the bridge was confirmation that after many failed attempts at jogging together, it just ain't our thang.  I don't care how much training it takes, but these little legs of mine will never be able to keep up.  I'll have to move onto bigger dreams for us now...
I have also come to the conclusion that my husband is a bad influence on me…in the form of a delicious hot dog and crispy fries.  Once we ditched the high intensity/romantic workout, the next most logical thing would be to indulge in this greasy goodness.  Neither of us complained.  And that is why I love our never know what you're going to get.

Until next time...

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  1. As always, I love this blog.....I miss you & R.