Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I think our apartment is officially a lower temperature than the outside air.  It's 65 degrees out on this lovely autumn breeze day and I'm wrapped in a blanket wearing a sweatshirt and uggs around the house.  Time to invest in a heater before it actually gets chilly!

My first week at Red Cross was a great success!  I am basically a child development volunteer, watching babies and toddlers who have all experienced some trauma in their lives.    The goal is to have one to two children assigned to each volunteer worker so they can get the special attention they need.  I am amazed at how wonderful this program is for the young families and they even had a training session afterwards to educate us in play and speech therapy for these special cases.  
Last Sunday we had a picnic lunch in the neighborhood with friends! It has definitely become our go-to spot on the weekends when we're feeling lazy but want to get out of the house and take advantage of our surroundings.  
It was a great day to chat and test our trivia skills over a game of bezzerwizzer. Me and trivia are not friends…maybe I need to hit the books again!  
Date night in the city at Mr. Wong!  After debating whether it was worth changing out of our comfy sweats and dealing with the hassle of "getting out" (wow, we're such an old married couple), we were both glad we did and ended up here!  
I loved the urban chic decor of exposed brick and rows of hanging ducks.  Since they sat us at the kitchen with the poor duckies staring at us, it was only fitting that we ordered their signature peking duck pancakes…and they were delicious!  Can't wait to go back. 
Afternoon coffee date in Neutral Bay with Anne and Teddy! 
More park time and sunshine! 
Confession…I have never seen any of the Iron Man series.  So, I had to redeem myself with the latest movie.  I joined the boys for a night at the IMAX and I was more than pleasantly surprised!!  I was one of those weird kids who wasn't interested in cartoons or super heroes and I hate to admit that I never gave those "boy" movies a chance.  It's a shame that I have been stereotyping because I was SO wrong.  
On Friday the ISN crew gathered to say farewell to a co-worker moving back to Dallas.  Cheers, tears, slideshows, cake, and karaoke! Lucky to be a part of this family.
We wish you all the best, Jess and Dave!
Cinco De Mayo celebration with new friends and the Sydney Expat Americans group!  The event was well organized and packed with crazy costumes, "margaritaville", street tacos and corn, and a terribly awesome mariachi band.  It was a fun way to acknowledge the popular day back home…and to connect with a lovely couple.  
Teddy this week.
Exhausted after an afternoon run, trying to nibble on my pretty sunflowers, enjoying morning cuddles, and posing for the camera.  
Can you tell that this furry thing brings me lots of joy?! 
Still so surreal.  

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