Friday, December 7, 2012

Backstage Pass

So it turns out that our friend Jackie (who was our diving instructor) has multiple talents we were unaware of.  Musical talent that is. Like crazy good. Born into a family of musicians, he has been fortunate enough to tour all over the world playing drums with his Aussie rock legend father.  Lucky for us, we were invited to catch a glimpse into "just another Saturday" with the family.  They didn't disappoint!
The band was headlining at the V8 Supercar race in Olympic Park, which is very much equivalent to Nascar in the U.S.  There was a great crowd…and some interesting characters as to be expected at a racing event!  And did I mention it happened to be on the hottest day of summer yet?!  Ya.  I think Jackie had a few wardrobe changes for the show (but not in a diva way haha).  R and I showed up early in the afternoon with them for sound check and then hung out with the band and caught some of the racing until the evening show.
 They were so sweet to give us backstage passes…which was a first for the both of us!  It was so interesting to see all that goes on "behind the scenes", which is not always as glamorous as you think!  Don't get me wrong, the experience was so much fun, but it was basically just a lot of friends and family hanging out right up until they went on stage. Although I was a little timid at first to walk in front of the stage and all of the other fans, Jackie pushed me along!  As you can see in the bottom right picture, we were literally in a roped off area right in front of the stage. So cool! R kept sneaking off to stand on the side of stage, which was pretty surreal to see the whole band from behind and all the fans ahead.  
And I can't forget to mention his beautiful wife!  She is an amazing photographer and captured these shots of the band.  The four of us are a good match together. We sure feel lucky to have had this experience and to have met such wonderful people.  

On to other news, we just dropped Teddy off at the kennel and are on our way to the airport shortly!  While it is Friday at 11:30 am our time now in Sydney, we will be landing on Friday at 1:30 pm in Dallas time.  Wacky.  We are very much looking forward to celebrating the holidays with our loved ones over the next week!!  Our tour around Texas will begin as soon as we land where we will be headed to my Gappy's house for the first stop!  I can't wait for some home cooked meals, dominos, and family time.  


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