Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shipment Day

Today is shipment day..hooray!!  
Our relocation specialist (yes, we have one of those hehe) has hooked us up with an awesome team to make sure our goods are delivered safely.  I must say, this is definitely the way to move..VIP style.  Guess I better not get used to it, as Ronnie's company is paying for this one.  They are a full service team, so all we had to do is sort through what was being shipped, what was staying  for storage in Dallas, and what we could donate.  No packing boxes, wrapping breakables, or heavy lifting for us...they have a special way of packing everything up for international moves.  The hard part was deciding what we could live without for 8-10 weeks, as the freight shipment takes that long to arrive at port.  Also, we had to inventory EVERY item we were taking, picture and dollar value amount. 




See you on the other side yellow crate!  

Needless to say, I am sitting on the hard, cold floor with dust bunnies and echoey walls surrounding me as I write this post.  Should be interesting for the next month or so...bumming a mattress from a dear friend, one pot to cook with, and 2 suitcases each worth of clothes (how is it fair that my husband gets the same amount as me?!..hmm..). 

We leave for our house hunting trip on Friday night, the 8th, and arrive in Sydney on Sunday morning.  I hope we can find something while we are there for 2 weeks!  I will check in with updates from the home/apartment search front once we get there.  Eeeekkk this is all too real now.  Super anxious and just ready to get there so I can picture where our life will be for the next 18 months!!


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